1. Yale

    Farming in a goldfish bowl!

    For those like us who farm around a village. One thing I’ve noticed is the huge amount of people exercising around our area in the daytime,dog walking,running,cycling,twitching........dogging.......put that one in for @Baldrick .:bag: I‘m getting a bit fatigued of all these people invading my...
  2. S

    Redrock drawbar snapped

    Out of curiosity has anyone had an issue with their redrock slurry tanker drawbar snapping, ours literally snapped the welds off leaving only the ring attached to the tractor and the tanker down the field!
  3. N

    New Holland tm dromone hitch

    Anyone got a dromone hitch for sale to suit tm125? Pm me
  4. H

    Are there any opportunities left?

    Have been agricultural contracting for a number of years. Never in a big way, just a side line. More and more people trying to get into it. Id say there will soon be as many balers as fields round here. Looking at maybe changing direction and getting into more groundworks. But again theres...
  5. G

    Apples wanted for Cider.

    Hello I am new to the forum , I have recently built a press due to my love of rough cider and “The wurzels” and I am looking to buy apples for cider at a fair price. I live in Southampton. I would be most grateful for any tips on this matter. Many thanks, Glyn.
  6. M

    Financing a vehicle through a farm

    Not done this for a while and I’ll speak to the accountant but would like a heads up before doing so. What’s the most cost effective and tax efficient route for doing this presently. It would be a SUV £50,000 - £60,000 having looked around so far either land rover or merc I would think. I...