1. F

    What can a tractor be used for apart from farming ?

    Looking at Diversifying my small contracting business, got me thinking what can a tractor be used For apart from agriculture. Construction sites Harvesting Christmas trees Snowploughing What else?
  2. H

    River Lugg, Herefordshire

  3. F

    Announcement Tomorrow on Banning Live Exports and More Restrictions On Domestic Journeys

    Tomorrow there will be an announcement of the start of an eight week consultation on Live exports and all journey times for livestock. While this was flagged up by George "Useless" it is no surprise that another difficult issue is being put into the melting pot with our supposed leaving the EU...
  4. Rick.banks

    Mchale f5500 or kuhn fb3130?

    Anybody any experience with both? On paper very similar balers, kuhn works out less with a drawbar on for the wrapper and mchale don't make a drawbar any more [emoji85]
  5. PSQ

    Charity Farm Auction, in aid of the Vine Trust

    There is a charity auction being held this week in aid of the Vine Trust, in order to purchase a digger to help with their work in Tanzania, and to help families and children affected by HIV. A few of the larger lots are being sold with the commission going to the Vine Trust. Many other lots...
  6. Fendt

    Hilux clutch knackered

    As per the title, just slightly surprised it has gone so soon. Truck is 5 years old with only 36,000 miles. Has done some towing but not much. Noise from thrust bearing already, shudders when pulling away, and i was trying to climb out of a very shallow furrow the other day and had smoke pouring...