1. Jerry

    Farm Office in Shed

    I need a new farm office. I have one building that is very well weather proofed and almost new floor with light and water plus it already has WiFi access. It is also totally secure Thinking about building an office in one corner of the building. Size wise, 3m by 4m. Big enough for desk abd...
  2. A

    Quad sprayer

    I have a honda foreman 450 and was wondering what is the best sprayer with a boom for it.
  3. S

    Anyone known of an issues with JR Firby?

    Hi all, Has anyone known of any issues with sales from JR Firby at Slingsby? Bought a David Brown from him which when i tried it, seemed to be in good working order with everything working and he told me that everything worked as it should even the PTO (which i specifically asked about). Got...
  4. Banana Bar

    Gator cost

    Just had a quote for a new JD Gator. £24k! Nothing else to add. BB
  5. Farm Classifieds

    Strautmann Giga Vitesse CFS 3602

    Strautmann Giga Vitesse CFS 3602 Advert added by: Harry Dagworthy Machinery Details Category: Foragers Wagons Price: £64000 Condition: Excellent Description Strautmann Giga Vitesse CFS 3602 Forage Wagon 2018 but not used until 2019 692 loads, 112 rotor hours...
  6. JP1

    Renault 4 - an original utility country car

    I suppose a Dacia Duster is the modern equivalent ?
  7. AngusLad

    Used CAT telehandler. Yay/nay?

    Looking at buying a used telehandler and I've seen a couple of Cat forklifts at fairly handy money, one TH406c with5500 hours that I really like the look of. Any recommendations? Always thought cat had a fairly good reputation for build quality?
  8. Vizslaman

    180 MIG Welders

    Hi guys. I currently have a Migatronic 500MX which is fine for sheet metal work, but looking to move up to a 180amp machine. I have 30amp blue socket so wondered what machine you guys are using. Currently looking at a PICMIG 180 Synergic but wonder if there are better/more cost effective...
  9. colhonk

    engine light

    Has come on on my 2 year old nissan pickuk, battery has not much power either. how to get light off? other than waste half a day at dealers.
  10. Tonka

    More money isn't always the answer - so how do you attract staff to work for you

    We all need them, we all want them to work for us. Huge amount of choice for anyone looking for a job with stock or land work. So what works for you - money is not a motivator. Joss Haynes, HAAC, 1980's. Please share your success stories, as majority of us are very poor man managers😉
  11. Clive

    Question 15 - DEFRA consultation on the AHDB

    There is currently a DEFRA consultation re AHDB being carried out which ends on January 10th Within that consultation is a VERY dangerous question that could take away levy payers right to vote, doing so removes any accountability to levy payers This consultation is being swept under the...
  12. T

    Auger for shelbourne powermix pro13

    Looking for auger, pm me if you know of anything. Thanks
  13. Phil P

    Best way of paying for a new Pickup

    Ok, so as of May next year some of our land will be in a Low Emition Zone as well as some of the local towns. The zone will actually start about a mile up the road so this means it will cost me around £9 every time I go that way in my old 2002 Ranger! I don’t really want to part with the old...
  14. S

    Sheep Worrying Conviction

    Has anyone been successful in securing a conviction for sheep worrying? Google isn't bringing up many success stories. On Friday our neighbour's dog (gsd) jumped their fence in to our neighbouring field which contained 2 of our ram lambs (thankfully not our ewes). I heard barking and went out...
  15. Raisbecw

    Fendt Tigo XR / Lely loader wagon comments

    Hi everyone just after any comment or feedback around fendt tigo/Lely loader wagons. We have experience with Strautmann and Bergman larger tri axle machines but I’m very interested to see how the Agco product has performed Cheers
  16. Barleycorn

    Excellent article about vegans getting ill.

    And in the Grauniad too! https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2021/dec/04/abuse-intimidation-death-threats-the-vicious-backlash-facing-fomer-vegans?CMP=fb_gu&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR0MQo5VlgQk2i9UTKfgf0ZZs82FRSmVzDdSJoVDVKMXSWdNCgeJRC9w9nM#Echobox=1638615202
  17. ridger

    Land-rover discovery td5

    Asking for a uncle, what to replace it with? He dislikes having to put a pickup into 4wd to pull a trailer out the end of the road then try and get out of 4wd again, he likes the fact that the old discovery holds nearly a ton of meal and it's dry and low for throwing it in and pulling it out
  18. M

    Which Forager?

    Good evening I am looking at changing our forager out for a new one and narrowed it to either an 8200 Deere or 840 Claas. It'll be used on grass only on our own dairy farm. The dealers are both equally strong and although I haven't had a final price on the Jaguar yet it's looking like the...
  19. G

    Stolen ifor trailer

    Trailer stolen off back of pickup in selby mart today be alert
  20. Juggler

    Car leasing companies

    Thinking of going down the leasing route for the next car, what companies can people recommend? Any pitfalls to watch out for?