1. JeepJeep

    Howe Tools Yay or Nay?

    Killed the Lidl £30 9inch Grinder this morning Cutting Slabs after good abusive innings.... Nice "Hot Smell" then Death and Flames. Howe tools cheapest for its replacement... Anyone used them?
  2. Farm Business RSS

    Agri-tech project highlights benefits to dairy-beef sector

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business A project which uses cutting-edge precision technology to tackle calf pneumonia and scours in the dairy-beef sector will highlight its work at a webinar later this month. The £1 million Innovate UK Well-Calf project, which involves partners from...
  3. Defra Farming

    Farming Innovation Programme: applications open next week

    Farming Innovation Programme: applications open next week Written by Niall Bradshaw Earlier this summer, we said that we would launch the first competitions of the new Industry-led Research and Development Partnerships Fund in October. I'm pleased to say that we’re on track. The...
  4. ORFC

    ORFC 2022: Book your tickets today

    Tickets are selling fast for ORFC 2022, with only a very small handful left for the in-person event in Oxford. If you want to join us in person, book this week. The full event programme will be announced at the end of November. Book ORFC 2022 tickets An online ticket to ORFC 2022 will give...
  5. Chae1

    Shearwell software providers move to Scoteid

    Any other users of shearwell farmworks cattle data frustrated by there failure to have software updated to communicate births, movements and deaths to Scoteid after BCMS stopped? The changeover date was the 4th of October, they have had months to prepare and haven't got anything in place...
  6. Farm Business RSS

    Sharmans pose skills challenge at Midlands Machinery Show

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Farm equipment owners and operators will be challenged by dealer Sharmans Agricultural to demonstrate their skills behind the controls of an electric JCB mini excavator at the Midlands Machinery Show at the Newark Showground in November. Managing...
  7. Hutchinsons News

    Helix Live – 2021

    Date: Wednesday 10th November 2021 Time: 8:30-9:45am Join the FREE online “Helix Live” seminar Helix LIVE Seminar Returns this Autumn The Helix initiative is about improving farm decision...
  8. F

    I'm getting a bit afraid now ............

    First light on Saturday we were trying to locate 40 plus cattle that had, I won't say escaped, as "let out" would be correct. We did get them altogether again after they visited the housing estate - didn't like that so came out again, were on their way to the village playground but we managed...
  9. Brid @ ADAS

    Farming after BPS - Building a resilient business

    Over the next seven years, farmers across England will have to navigate the loss of their BPS payments. To successfully adapt, we need to understand what lies ahead and consider all the options available. This free 1-hour webinar will offer you the tools and knowledge to make the right decisions...
  10. shumungus

    Using a drone to check stock.

    Are they any use for it, if so what drones are we using and what range/flight time are you getting? TIA.
  11. D

    Applying for a Firearms Licence.

    Hello, I'm new to the forum. I am an avid airgunner and full member of my local rifle club since December 2019. The problem arose when I requested my medical records and saw a diagnosis of schizophrenia recorded, but never been diagnosed. So the GP records state, says diagnosis of...
  12. JP1

    Morrisons takeover agreed

    US Venture capitalists deal agreed Clayton, Dubilier & Rice (C D & R)take over the Morrisons business
  13. colhonk

    farm sign number plates

    Where to get black on yellow pressed number plates but with my farm name on them? Got white on black,,, Black on white, but still seem to be invisible to Google maps users who refuse to believe their map is WRONG and sending them to the wrong farm.
  14. Agriland RSS

    Scottish cattle keepers: Don’t forget registration switch this weekend

    Written by Michelle Martin from Agriland From Monday, October 4, the registration of all cattle births, deaths and movements outside a keepers business in Scotland are required to be notified to the ScotEID databases, rather than the current Cattle Tracing System (CTS). From this date, all...
  15. Exfarmer

    GB plates

    So what goons , have dared to rule that we now have to change our plates to UK. After more than a century it beggars belief that foreigners can determine what we place on our cars to identify a British vehicles! I find it incredulous that our government have allowed this change to be forced...
  16. Farm Business RSS

    Focus on efficiencies at MMS

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Farm machinery and legislation is ever-evolving, and focussing on efficiencies is even more crucial than ever given the withdrawal of Basic Payments and need for profitability. Fortunately, visitors to the Midlands Machinery Show on 9-10 November will...
  17. BSPB News

    Gene editing decision ‘most significant for 20 years’

    The Government has announced new plans to unlock the power of gene editing to help farmers grow more resilient, nutritious, and productive crops. The British Society of Plant Breeders (BSPB) chief executive Samantha Brooke commented on the Defra announcement saying: “This is the most significant...
  18. Farm Business RSS

    Land of the Fanns partners with RSPB to help farmers enhance rural wildlife

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business The Land of the Fanns Landscape Partnership Scheme and the RSPB are holding an event at Thames Chase Forest Centre on Wednesday 20 October 2021 to encourage local farmers to protect and encourage wildlife on their land. The Land of the Fanns has...
  19. Steevo

    Bandur Herbicide

    Anybody used this before?
  20. roscoe erf

    Any one else panicking

    Are we heading for a mad max future rationing of fuel food etc on its way or is it just sensationalist headlines, are you stocking up and if so what on ?