1. C

    Trying to get milk contract.

    I'm in mid Devon and need to get a milk contract most of the company's I've tried don't need any at the moment. Any help much appreciated
  2. DrDunc

    Bluetooth receiver with external antenna input?

    Anyone know of a Bluetooth receiver that you can plug in an external antenna instead of it using its own internal antenna? Looking to connect a receiver to an Android tablet via Bluetooth, and have the satellite signal from a good high gain roof mounted dome antenna instead of the standard wee...
  3. Chickcatcher

    Contacting Openreach and FTTP

    Are any able or knowledgeable of how to actually contact Openreach. I have been trying to access FTTP and on searches 3 properties on a post code I own can get FTTP and 2 unable. I am aware that Openreach can not have upgraded there knowledge base as the 3 are at least 200 yards from where the...
  4. unlacedgecko

    Other industries and footpaths

    I often see it written here that other industries don't have to tolerate public access/you wouldn't have a foot path through a factory. So I thought this was interesting. A multimillion pound cold store and distribution center with a public footpath right through the middle. Since the...
  5. S

    US President cites cover crops in speech

    Biden's speech to Congress mentioned cover crops to counteract global warming, and paying for them.
  6. Precision AG RSS

    Antarctica Capital Announces Formation of EarthDaily Analytics

    Written by Matt Hopkins EarthDaily is a provider of satellite imaging, data processing, and analytics for agriculture. The post Antarctica Capital Announces Formation of EarthDaily Analytics appeared first on PrecisionAg. Continue reading on the Precision Ag Website...
  7. H

    Will we be ploughing for re seeding in the future?

    With farmers taking the blame for wrecking the planet do you think we will be ploughing up permanent grassland to re seed?
  8. Badshot

    Which egnos sats to use?

    Ever since they changed sats the bloody signal is absolute shite. Which is best one to use? 123, 126, 136? Auto select doesn't seem to work any more, just had twenty minutes waiting for my rtk to come back because the satellite needed fecked off.
  9. M

    Farms for sale

    As we enter into the busy time of year for farm sales, is everyone seeing an increase in farms in the local area or are people sitting tight? Recent years have seen a drop in farm sales with uncertainty surrounding Brexit and Farm support. Now with all this a lot more certain, will we see an...
  10. T

    Lime spreading rates.

    We've been talking about reduced lime spreading rates on the Beef & Lamb price tracker & thought it deserves it's own thread. @livestock 1 @Hilly @Highland Mule @Cab-over Pete @Skintagain @Kiwi Pete @Poorbuthappy Sorry if I've missed anyone who was in that conversation. Just to catch up...
  11. L

    Brexiteers wanted!

    Hiya, I’m Liv from Warrington and I’m currently doing some research for my bachelor’s thesis on why people voted for Brexit and would love to interview anyone who was willing to talk a bit about yourself, why you voted for Brexit, and why it was important to you. I’m looking at it in terms of...
  12. M

    Lump Sum Exit Scheme

    With the consultation due out on the exit scheme next week, is anyone interested in taking this payment and what would it need to be to incentivise you?
  13. copse

    Sir Richard sutton
  14. Agriland RSS

    Hutchinsons partner with SpaceSense to provide satellite imagery for growers

    Written by William Kellett Hutchinsons, a leading provider of agronomic services in the UK, has announced a partnership with SpaceSense, a startup specialised in satellite imagery analytics. The partnership centers around providing satellite-derived field insights for their growers in...
  15. Precision AG RSS

    NASA Harvest, CropX Partner to Support Sustainable Ag Initiatives

    Written by Matt Hopkins Partnership will combine critical in-soil insights and satellite observations to improve global agricultural monitoring. The post NASA Harvest, CropX Partner to Support Sustainable Ag Initiatives appeared first on PrecisionAg. Continue reading on the Precision Ag...
  16. hubbahubba

    Slurry store cost?

    Just wondering how much i would be looking to pay for a 250000 gallon slurry store? Thinking a round steel type with probably a reception pit. Thanks.
  17. teslacoils

    Old Land Drainage co's - James Richmond Ltd

    When drainage cos shut or are taken over, and idea what they do with their archives? I've a field drained by James Richmond Ltd, but only have the proposal plan rather than the "as laid down" plan which would be really helpful! Anyone know if they amalgamated with anyone?
  18. J

    Drone software/tech for crop inspection

    Hi, Does anyone have any experience with drones for mapping and inspecting crops on a large scale. Any good software or companies to look at? cheers
  19. bandit

    What version is ez guide 250 running

    Hope you are all well. Currently having issues with my system Slow to find signal and then intermittent (as if going under a tree but In the open) Is anyone else having issues and is there a fix Thanks peter
  20. Robert

    No Satellite Biomass Imagery Available This Year for VRA N?

    We have not had a useable satellite image since late January so are unable to do any up to date VRA N plans. Given that all these services supposedly use the same satellites, is everyone else in the same boat or am i incredibly unlucky that each of the subsequent ~ 8 passes (approx 1 per week)...