1. Farm Classifieds

    TA001468 - 2016 Kverneland TL1875 Geospread Broadcaster

    TA001468 - 2016 Kverneland TL1875 Geospread Broadcaster Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Muck and Slurry Spreaders Price: £9500 Condition: Good Description Kverneland 12-36M 1875 GEO Mounted Disc Spreader...
  2. Rob Holmes

    Looks like autumn muckspreading is back on

  3. B

    digested on potato land

    hi as the price of chemical fertiliser has goen sky high this year im thinking of applying digested as a sorce of fertiliser and was wondering is there any1 on here has used it before on potato land as ive never used it and looking information about it ie how did crops grow with it and would it...
  4. Agriland RSS

    Surplus and vintage equipment to be auctioned by Cheffins

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland Cheffins will make a welcome return to holding live auctions with two sales, one of surplus equipment and the other of vintage machinery. Stepside Agricultural Contractors of Cardigan, Wales, will be disposing of items that are no longer required due...
  5. F

    Jcb 4220 or fendt 722/724.

    Right! How are people getting on with the Jcb 4220 Lots of the problems sorted out? Both run the same gear box. Is the many out there doing mixed work on a day to day basic. Umbilical trailers loader work putting stuff on and off all day. Sumo plough drill ect. I have had a demo of Jcb a few...
  6. S

    Is spreading slurry allowed now??

    Yesterday there was a strong smell of slurry spreading, I thought it was not allowed this time of year because of new regulations
  7. ColinV6

    Dribble bars. Is 7.5 wide enough?

    Currently looking at Storth, major and Slurrykat bars. Was wanting 9m but there’s a big price jump to the 9m slurrykat and major only do a 7.5 anyways. All salesman have said 7.5m is popular. However I can’t help but think I’m going to be narrower than splash plate. Unless it’s the wrong way to...
  8. Muddyroads

    Cow - The film

    Picked up on a review of this “documentary” film yesterday on 5 live and think it might be good for TFFers to be aware of it. It’s been nominated for Cannes apparently so could get quite a bit of press. Filmed on a large dairy farm somewhere in the south of England it follows a cow for around 4...
  9. R

    Marginal Litres

    I've just caught up on John Roche's ADHB presentation on marginal litres. I also saw him give a similar one at Positive Farmers a few yrs ago. To anyone that's not seen it, the gist is that in spring calving grazing systems, feeding concentrates (or other bought feed) brings significantly more...
  10. Agriland RSS

    Controlling digital dermatitis during the housed period

    Written by Brian McDonnell from Agriland Digital dermatitis – also known as Mortellaro’s disease – often rears its head on farms during the housed period, when the bacteria load is increased. It usually presents as a lesion on the claw skin of the hoof, located where both the claws merge...
  11. F

    pto problem

    why does the same wide angle pto, which a use on a forage wagon with 180hp for 10 years without problems, is getting hot on a slurry mixer with 100hp after 10 min? the 5m long mixer is mounted in 2m deep slurry pit with ca. 30° angle
  12. TFF

    RB209 Section 2 Organic materials

    Profitable farming requires continued development and use of a wide range of skills. Good nutrient management is an important aspect of this and can contribute to business efficiency and reduce environmental impacts The Nutrient Management Guide (RB209) helps you make the most of organic...
  13. roscoe erf

    so who was it

    bit of a mountain out of a mole hill story really
  14. K

    We would love to hear your feedback on a new Severn Trent Fertiliser we're developing

    Hi all My name is Katie Meehan and I work as a Product and Service Designer for Severn Trent. As a company which is constantly striving to do the right thing in order to help respond to our ever changing climate, we have identified an opportunity using new technology to develop a new...
  15. Farm Business RSS

    Farming Transformation Fund

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business The launch of the Improving Farm Productivity grant, due in mid-January, will help to provide farmers with a much welcomed on-farm grant funding for investment into robotics and innovative technology. This fund is good news, as it helps farmers prepare...
  16. A

    Anaerobic Digesters

    Are there any merits in a new build at the minute or do they need subsidy to be viable ?
  17. H

    Muck storage

    I'm in a NVZ. I have no stock but take in muck from a number of the local horsey folks which I compost before spreading under our apple trees. I'm thinking of putting a concrete pad down with three bays to hold the muck whilst composting it. Are there any grants for this???
  18. jackrussell101

    How many units of nitrogen for a first wheat thats been after a long term grass ley?

    As above really, just wondering if I can get away without putting as much N on and not detrimentally affecting the yield, it's been grass for 10 years before with regular lashings of slurry etc
  19. D

    Public Accounts Committee enquiry into ELMS

    Have just received the Public Accounts Committee report on ELMS, and associated press release. I think 'damning' pretty much covers it. It is embargoed until Sunday so will post on here then, just starting a thread now in case anyone else who has had it is less worried about such niceties and...
  20. TFF

    RB209 Section 1 Principles of nutrient management and fertiliser use

    The AHDB Nutrient Management Guide (RB209) offers best practice guidance on the application of fertilisers and organic materials to crops and grassland. Click the Download button to get the full report. About RB209 The AHDB Nutrient Management Guide (RB209) offers best practice guidance on the...