1. P

    How WeedSeeker is installed?

    Hi I've noticed a spot weeding device called WeedSeeker, but it seems to come as a plastic box. Does anyone know how it's meant to be fitted on the boom? And how about the plumbing, power, etc.? Is the user supposed to strip...
  2. B

    Fendt 724 how many hours are they good for ?

    Looking at a second hand 2012 724. What problems am I likely to encounter running it to 7500 hrs ?

    Idiots guide to Ez steer

    Looking at getting an Ez steer wheel motor to go with our Trimble 250 with a ag15 antenna we have just got. How accurate would this system be with an Ez steer, i assume i would need tilt compensation but looking on line most seem to be fitted in the cab, does cab suspension affect them by making...
  4. Zebbedee


    Anyone care to explain the ins and outs of isobus and how to ensure compatibility ? Case pro 700 screen and Trimble fmx screen available or Trimble gfx screen. Looking to start using isobus but know very little about it as regards what matches what machine I know a Vicon baler will work on the...
  5. Andy26

    Basic guidance Trimble EZ 250 or similar

    Trimble EZ 250 or similar, Please PM if you have one for sale. :)
  6. Highland Mule

    Auction bargains - things you didn’t expect to get as cheap as you did.

    Following on from @glasshouse ’s post: What’s the best bargain you’ve achieved at an auction? I’ll start with two that I’ve had on here before: £20 - I only bid to help the auctioneer out as it was clear there was no reserve and no interest. One of these -...
  7. T

    Trimble FMX or CNH FM1000

    Looking for a used Trimble FMX display or the equivalent CNH version.
  8. Farm Classifieds

    Trimble 382 rtk Receiver vd03 controller

    Trimble 382 rtk Receiver vd03 controller Advert added by: Ben Walters @Walters agri Machinery Details Category: GPS and Farm Electronics GPS and Precision Farming equipment Price: £5200 Condition: Excellent Description For sale we have trimble 382 Receiver rtk unlocked...
  9. Farm Classifieds


    Trimble Advert added by: jack martin @jack6480 Machinery Details Category: GPS and Farm Electronics GPS and Precision Farming equipment Price: £400 Condition: Used Description I never use it anymore but it works fine. many thanks How to make contact with the Seller Click...
  10. radu

    JD 2630 coverage on/off

    I have a 6195M that is pulling a Rapid A400S with isobus and ipad. How can i get it to correctly record the coverage on the map, i.e. show a blue track only where it drilled? The spools on the tractor are manual so can't trigger the coverage with the lift/lower command
  11. Farm Classifieds

    Valtra T182 V

    Valtra T182 V Advert added by: Machinery Details Category: Tractors Farm Tractors Price: £ Condition: Used Description Valtra T182 versu. 2011 4000 hrs front & cab suspension front linkage 4 rear spools 1 front spool Trimble gfx 750 nav 900 & ez pilot pro How to...
  12. will_mck

    Trimble ag15 spare cable

    Hello. I've a Trimble 250 ez guide which i use for spraying etc. I use the ag15 up grade aerial. I want a spare aerial cable to use it in another machine. I priced the local New Holland dealership who want £90 for an aerial cable. I know this is just a length of coax cable and nothing special...
  13. S

    Ag leader inSight and Trimble

    hi... recently I have bought a used mf8660, with trimble receiver 252 on the roof, and ag leader insight monitor (autosteer unlocked) in the cab, and there is, in the cab, on the right one missing part, some computer unit... i think there fits trimble nav 1 or 2 controller, but I am not...
  14. WillB

    Transferring fields between NH Intellisteer and Trimble 750

    I am moving a machine 'mid-job' from a NH 235 with integrated Intellisteer. I want to transfer the field data to another NH machine running a Trimble 750 system to retain the same swath lines. However, I am struggling to find a way of transferring the field data to a USB to upload. On the...
  15. YELROM

    Guidence systems

    We currently have a Patchwork system but it seems to struggle for signal sometimes, i'm looking to get a new system that in future will upgradable to auto steer What system would you look at, We currently run older New Holland tractors but if we change we will probably get a autosteer ready...