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  1. Lazy Sod

    Is It Time To Ban Maize

    Given the soil structure damage caused by maize harvesting in a wet season and the soil erosion during the following winter months, is it time to consider banning maize growing? Discuss.
  2. Brisel

    What % of your winter wheat is sown?

    In response to the widely vilified AHDB and grain merchant opinions on how much wheat has been sown, I thought I'd start this poll. Remember to select your region as well as your % of planned winter wheat sown. One choice for %, one choice for region and one for the month sown (for the majority...
  3. jh.

    No till and cover crops in Scotland

    Keep getting told it'll never work up here but I'm convinced it will be the direction we get forced down in coming years. Cover crops after harvest might not get sown until mid to late September, is this too late to get a decent stand going into winter ? Spring crops later drilled into...
  4. Trying

    Potato price 2019

    Well if no one will I’ll start if off. Hearing a wide range of prices. I’ve started at £240 markies. Looking for £250 next week. I think the only down side at the moment is some might be getting rid quick before they go themselves.
  5. ajd132

    Open Slots

    Managing to get some wheat into bean stubble but quite a lot of open slots. There’s a lot of friable tilth sitting around the edges. Will Friday/the weekends rain wash this in? Should I pre em now or next week?
  6. M

    Getting concerned

    So who's getting concerned, with 70 mm in the rain gauge since Sunday and a lot more to come over the week I certainly am. If your on free draining soil then probably not but I reside on sticky red marl which can take an age to dry out. Most of the ground is moved and was in good condition...
  7. Direct Driller Magazine

    Earthworm Engineers Series

    Written by Eliza Jenkins Community Development at Sectormentor for Soils. Eliza helps to nurture the community at Sectormentor for Soils - a system that enables you to monitor and assess soil health on your farm. Earthworm Engineers #1: Ecosystem Services Many fascinating papers on earthworms...
  8. W

    Wet ground???

    I have a block of ground that seems to hold surface water more than the rest of my land. All land is the same soil type, all on limestone and all very similar elevation. Would using a slitter/aerator help the situation? Never done any before so any help is much appreciated.
  9. F

    Farmers wanted to test new Liver Fluke Detection device!

    Farmers wanted to test new Liver Fluke Detection device! Farming Online www.farming.co.uk are currently working with Liverpool University to develop a better Liver-Fluke forecasting service (updating the Ollerenshaw risk model) Part of the Liver-fluke project involves consulting members of the...
  10. bankrupt

    2019 Big Drought Thread

    Volunteer Funky now coming into ear in low-N oats. Useful early indicator of big soil moisture deficit. Bit too soon to tell if it's actually 6-row Funky or 2-row Funky. Will confirm Monday. (y)(y)
  11. Clive

    This is a book..... ......

    ......... that should be compulsory reading for every farmer, farm worker, agronomist, politician and input supplier In fact it should be compulsory for any human being that eats to read...
  12. T

    2019 Beet area

    What are beet growers doing area wise this upcoming year? I hear many are cutting back considerably?
  13. Kiwi Pete

    "Improving Our Lot" - Planned Holistic Grazing, for starters..

    :oops: Eh up! The idea of starting a thread about Holistic management has been on my mind for ages, if I am honest. Lets start by me putting my cards on the table - I have NO formal training, NO books, and NO interest in starting big wars on which way is best. I do, however, completely and...
  14. Farmer Roy

    Farmer Roy's Random Thoughts - I never said it was easy.

    Mod Note: New thread created by moving some posts. Haha - every second post on TFF seems to be about problems with townies, cyclists, dog walkers, trespassers etc etc The further from all that the better I reckon I couldn't cope with having non farming neighbours . . .