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Hi, appreciate everyone is flat out in this good weather and the impact Covid 19 is having on business. I've moved to Hargrave in Suffolk and was looking for advice on if it is worth asking around for permission to shoot rabbits, pidgeon and rats (plus other pests) or if it is all subbed out already.

Background is 15 years in the Royal Marines, so I'm safe with a variety of guns. Bought up as a kid helping out on sheep in kent, so comfortable around livestock and farms. Spent last 20 years as a paramedic and currently with an air ambulance so still comfortable working around farms, just a different role now! Am all checked out by police etc with every DBS check under the sun.

Was hoping to be able to help out anyone and at the same time use the opportunity for some personal wellbeing and de-stressing by getting out again with a gun.

Totally understand if the answer is a big fat no, reading some of threads on here makes me think a lot of people have been let down before. And totally get it if a farm or landowner is charging for the right to shoot. Times are tough and every little helps.
Other than that thanks for any advice and a big thank you to those who support the air ambulances in East of England. Good luck everyone getting through this next period.

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