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    Terramap Carbon – the UK’s first Carbon Mapping Service now available

    Written by John Swire Hutchinsons launches Terramap Carbon the first ever carbon mapping service to provide the most accurate baseline measurement of both organic and active carbon in the soil and is now available to UK farmers. Despite growers coming under increasing pressure to look at...
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    New crop-specific green cover option for under-sowing maize from Barenbrug UK.

    Written by John Swire Successfully trialled in the UK in 2020, Barenbrug says its Proterra Maize – based on the company’s tall fescue technology – offers a quick and easy solution for establishing under-sown cover in forage or AD maize, while addressing growers’ worries about main crop...
  3. chaffcutter

    Anyone recommend a bag filling bucket for a loadall?

    After all the replies about a bag handler recently, I have been discussing the safety concerns or comments with our men. Obviously the one area is lifting bags filling drills, and although they are only too aware to never be under a bag at height, they asked if we couldn’t avoid using multi use...
  4. B

    BPS 2021 - Temporary Grassland to Permanent Grassland and back again

    Hi All, Just doing my first BPS application (first for me, not the land parcels in question), and just want to check my understanding of the temporary grassland and permanent grassland rules. As I understand it: Temporary grassland can only exist for 5 consecutive years before it...
  5. Brisel

    Subtle yet effective Hi Vis clothing

    This might sound like an oxymoron, but bear with me. My boss has been recommended to insist that all staff wear high vis clothing in the farm yard. I have some sympathy with this - we run a commercial grain store and Christmas tree retail operation as well as a large contract farming...
  6. Sid

    Simply ban the use of Brazilian Soya Instead of writing a strongly worded letter get some balls and ban the use of it in animal AND human food. If I get an issue I am sure the line" well I wrote them a letter" will see me right!
  7. J

    Lemkin plough body

    Got a lemkin plough here and could do with identifying what bodies are on it as the landsides are variable and knackered but no idea what body the need to be ordered for
  8. KennyO

    Stocks Fanjet Ryegrass Seed settings

    Need to get a Ryegrass catch crop sown into spring oats. Think it is going to be too wet for tractor and grass broadcaster so might spin it on with the quad and slug pelleter. Has anyone got any settings for a Fanjet sowing 5kg/ac ( 12.5kg/ ha) Thanks
  9. J

    Winter oats not looking happy at the moment!

    Has anyone got red/brown tipped leaves. Agronomist thinks its the cold dry weather we've had, I hope anyway! He said other clients have the same. Sprayed 10 days ago with 1.25 l Chlormequat 0.5 l Tubosan 0.1 l Moddus 0.4 l Starane 21g Ally Max Started spraying after 10 in the morning and...
  10. B

    Looking For Work Part Time/Weekend work for Vet Student near Derby

    Hi, I'm a 20 year old vet student looking for some work that could fit around my studies. I have previous experience working on a variety of livestock units, and I'm comfortable working with any animals. I have experience foot trimming and hold a certificate in mobility scoring. I'm based in...
  11. G

    What to do?

    Hi all, First post on thefarmingforum. We are a beef farm on former sandy heathland that we now graze and cut for hay. Soil is very light and sandy with some clayey bits but this is mostly SSSI. pH low 5’s so have just limed our two best forage fields at 3t/acre with the 2mm to dust stuff.....I...
  12. A

    T1 Fungicide advice please

    Hi all. Have been sent Skyway (very expensive) by my agronomist to apply as a T1 alongside Toledo, which I already have in stock. Wheat variety is Costello which I believe is very tolerant against rust- is there any advantage to applying the Toledo AND Skyway or can some more experienced arable...
  13. Fleet Health and Safety

    Health & Safety Packages Available

    Health & Safety Packages Available Our variety of Health & Safety Packages ensures that you have as much or as little as you need. Service (annual) Standard Enhanced Premium Price (from) £995.00 £1499.00 £1995.00 Health & Safety Policy Y Y Y...
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    New cereal disease decision support tool launched

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham Syngenta has launched a new, online support tool to help growers with fungicide decisions in winter wheat and in winter and spring barley. Charlotte Cunningham reports. Available at, the interactive...
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    Leading consultants join Ceres Rural

    Written by John Swire Four well-known farm business consultants with many years of experience have joined Ceres Rural, expanding its specialist team. Bringing their combined expertise to the new consultancy at a time of great change in the farming industry, all four are already engaged in...
  16. Clive

    No fungicide 2021

    nearly may and yet to use a fungicide, crops spotless clean cold, dry - could this be the first year we don’t use this group of chemicals at all ? rain could change things yet but it will need to be significant now to rebalance smd’s anyone else not applied a fungicide to wheat or barley...
  17. teslacoils

    Recommend Me A Milling Wheat

    Heavy land milling wheat variety needed. Needs to stand; thresh; and have an aggressive growth type. Needs to be fairly "showy" in early spring so I can feel good about it. Thoughts? Gp1,2,3 all fine.
  18. Zippy768

    Fusarium score of maize variety

    Not sure if this is better here, or dairy. How important and relative is the fusarium score of a maize variety when being followed by wheat?
  19. H

    Will we be ploughing for re seeding in the future?

    With farmers taking the blame for wrecking the planet do you think we will be ploughing up permanent grassland to re seed?
  20. J

    Ewe Prolapsing

    Hi folks, have a ewe who was pushing out last night and then it went back in for 24 hours, it’s back out again tonight. Should I be worried or any advice?