Aitchinson drilling forage provider mix

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    C96A3AE7-306B-43D1-85B1-CC872404828E.png 49E313D2-33A2-41C2-A86B-AEE20B648AC5.png 5904C60D-6B8E-49B0-8FAF-DCFFF63D3B7A.png 5904C60D-6B8E-49B0-8FAF-DCFFF63D3B7A.png 49E313D2-33A2-41C2-A86B-AEE20B648AC5.png C96A3AE7-306B-43D1-85B1-CC872404828E.png Just to conclude this...and ask for more advice:ROFLMAO:...
    Single pass worked perfectly as recommended. That’s the way to do it with the aitchinson although I still put it too thick:whistle: Thanks all(y)
    Went in on the 24 or 25th Aug which I thought might be a bit late here as it’s not far off 1000ft above sea level but I’m very pleased.
    Question is will ewes absolutely smash it if left to their own devices to go and please as they want around Christmas? They’ll have access to plenty of silage too..
    Or is the answer electric fence? If so what’s the best ones to go for?
    I’ll attempt a couple of pics to show the journey..

    Oops don’t know why they doubled up. Should add the latest pic was a week or two ago I think
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  2. Electric fence best otherwise they’ll waste a lot and they’ll eat all the leaves first and leave the bulbs.
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    5A8C3C27-3FD8-4633-8900-B51905394EA5.png Though so, I was hoping for an easy life:rolleyes::LOL:

    Are they all the same? Or are some makes better and some to avoid?

    This was one of the latest pics I had.

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