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It is I said to a friend two or three years ago if the pig job collapses round here it will take the rural economy with it, so many have gone out of cattle/dairy and filled sheds with B and B pigs, then borrowed and put more sheds up to do more numbers, all for three outfits, two of which have pigs on 100+ farms and other probably 20-30. I heard from a feed rep the latter is cutting back numbers and serving notice on a fair percentage of units. I think it’s foolish for anyone to think they are so big that they won’t be cut loose if things get bad enough, and things keep getting worse can any of them stand the pain?
There’s been a big push to get beef and sheep folks onto pig B and B
It’s not all it’s cracked up to be in my reckoning
Supposedly the selling point was no risk
Many have gone that way
Lancaster this morning overall avg 282ppk 1041lambs

Bill the Bass

Livestock Farmer
Arthur Simmers in Aberdeenshire?
IIRC they took a lot of folk down with them
Went bust then became Scotpig IIRC? Crack at the time he would sell you wheat and give you the pigs free to eat it
If I remember correctly became Cranswicks main supplier when they sold their own herds, swallowed up by them when it all went belly up. Guess who came out best 🙄 Cranswick report increased profits every year
Could never understand why he didn't tie up with Morrisons and cut out the middle man given Sir Ken was his Brother in law.

Back on thread; last of the bulls today ave 756kg @ 251.69ppk.


Is that bragging rights or what to result in a price like that?
Good on the vendor but how does the buyer cope with that?
Tradition for the meat men to give abit back at xmas by buying the champions at big money. Judge is usually expected to buy it and he gets rolled on abit too. Good bit of advertising when all the local papers do an article on the local butcher buying the champion. Champion at ludlow today was 660kg and made £4 kg


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You could tell the fergle bunters have had the Bps today at Drayton Weanlings......💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 Very very strong trade alot of those crappy 3/4 month old things £400-500. Bigger stronger stuff £50/head up...


Livestock Farmer
Is that bragging rights or what to result in a price like that?
Good on the vendor but how does the buyer cope with that?
Don't know who bought it, but as @Woolless says, it could have ' gone on' to be shown again or, if it's a big buyer, look at it this way.........

.....he buys a hundred a week, so his 'other cattle' are.........
100 beast at 700kg @£3/kg................................£210,000
add 1 show beast at 700kg @ £10.20/kg.........£7,140

Total cost = £210,000+ £7140 = £217,140
Average cost per head = £2149.90
Average cost per kg = £3.07

So, he paid big money for the winner but his average isn't affected very much at all.

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