Blurred vision when on the phone to the bank

Discussion in 'Manflu Corner' started by DrWazzock, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. DrWazzock

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    or in any other stressful situation.

    Is it just shortsightedness with age or is it a blood pressure problem.

    I bought a pair of off the peg glasses at boots which help but it's noticeable that sometimes eyesight is OK but sometimes out of focus when looking at small print.
  2. glasshouse

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    And palpitations
  3. Kiwi Pete

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    Owaka, New Zealand
    Sounds like it could be an anxiety issue - not necessarily a blood pressure issue.

    My wife will possibly let me say that she used to completely conk out - to the point of seizuring - in stressful situations, often even situations most wouldn't see as stressful.
    Shopping, family visits, phonecalls to people other than friends.... seemed to be an endless list for a while.
    Her main problems during an anxiety episode: jerky, repetitive movements like a fit; also loss of sight and loss of speech - a general "blurriness" if you like.
  4. are your eyes bloodshot?? a few nights I was watching a hospital documentery about A+E and a nurse noticed the manager had bloodshot eyes and when his blood pressure was checked it was sky high
  5. Princess Pooper

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    :banghead::banghead: why don't you
    a) go to an optician because as well as testing your eyes they look for other problems
    b) go to your Dr or at least get your blood pressure tested? (Our surgery has a place you can test your own blood pressure and it gives you a printout including instructions whether it needs following up).
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  6. Exfarmer

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    Don’t be silly, who needs a proffessional when you have the power of the internet, especially TFF to give a quick diagnosis. :):):)

    Seeiously though short sightedness is more noticeable in poor background light. I can often read the newspaper when I walk down the street with it, but not a chance in the house unless I have the glasses on.
    But DO go and see an optician it is not just vision but eye health they check
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  7. DrWazzock

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    I probably ought to. I was supposed to go for a general check up when I was 40 but never got round to it.
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  8. Northeastfarmer

    Well it’s only been 9 years...

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