Bottle feeding a calf ... a tip?


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So Mum calved down with mastitis, but we didn't pick it up immediately, happily she has now responded well to Synulox and Metacam and on the road to recovery...

However, I needed to supplement the meage offering from Mum for the nice Hex calf. Hardly worth buying a big bag of dried milk at this stage, so Herself picked up 8l of blue top from Costco.

The calf was reluctant to suck and take down the milk and I was concerned it might be a tad lacking, if we relied on it for 2-3 days. So, in a fit of something, I thought... sweetened condensed milk, there was even a large just out of date tin in the cupboard. Sweet and full of fat... I love the stuff. And so apparently, did the calf, she obviously loved the flavour when mixed with the bluetop....

I cannot say for sure that the sugar hit was the secret and not just hunger, but when I switched to plain blue top..... a reluctance was apparent.
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