1. mar

    Calving Pen Division Ideas

    I have a shed that is 13ft wide and 48ft long. I want to divide it up into 3 calving ens. The pens will not be to calve the cow in, only somewhere to keep the cow and calf for a few days after calving. The pens are going to be 16ft long and 9ft wide with a 4ft wide feed passage up along the wall...
  2. B

    Very sick cow

    Vet Took 2 dead calf s out of one my cow on Tuesday nite plenty of penstrep and painkillers in her but she hasn't cleaned and it is poisoning her went down hill over night any good ideas to help her clean thanks in advance
  3. Bald Rick

    This is why farmers are a breed apart ...... Know they're Australian and not soft cock Brits but sort of makes you proud and a good news story even covered on the Jeremy Whine show today (by Victoria Derbyshire but hey ...)
  4. Andrew.j

    Looking For Work Assistant Lambing/Shepherd/Cattle/Stockman Available (Scotland)

    I am still seeking and available to undertake all round general stock work, lambing/shepherding, calf rearing and other related husbandry, foot trimming, dagging, crutching, vaccines, dosing, dipping and any other livestock work/ husbandry. I would also be interested in gamekeeping related work...
  5. Cab-over Pete

    College options for a keen lad.

    Aye up, My lad is in his first year of a Level 3 Extended Diploma. He’s doing ok, really well in fact, good grades and we thought he was enjoying it. I know it’s been a difficult year for many kids, but he’s been lucky, really busy working on a local farm. He absolutely loves it and is there...
  6. Highland Mule

    Sub-forum move request

    Given that the evidence is clear that UK livestock farming is a net consumer of carbon, should the livestock section not be moved to be under the 'Conservation Agriculture' banner? It's arguably far more sustainable than the chemical fertiliser utilising, direct drilled arable that has claimed...
  7. beardface

    Leader follower grazing

    Anyone practising leader follower grazing with sheep(leader) and cattle(follower)? For those that are, are you doing in on herbal/diverse leys?
  8. unlacedgecko

    Other industries and footpaths

    I often see it written here that other industries don't have to tolerate public access/you wouldn't have a foot path through a factory. So I thought this was interesting. A multimillion pound cold store and distribution center with a public footpath right through the middle. Since the...
  9. hally

    Honda 520 pioneer

    Has anybody had a go in the new 520 pioneer? Look quite an interesting alternative to a quad bike without moving to the bigger heavier side by sides. Nippier, manoeuvrable, and easy ran into a bike trailer for shipping between blocks of land.
  10. daveydiesel1

    Black leg

    Lost 2 calves to black leg this week. Field was reseeded last year after being reclaimed after we bought the land so never grazed it before. Was wondering what causes blackleg? I know u can vaccinate for it but never knew what the cause is
  11. will6910

    Rearing calves on milk

    Evening everyone, I bought some heifer calves on Tuesday that are 4 to 6 weeks old. Have a poorly one today and had friend round and he’s gave it some alamycin and multivitamin and spoke vet after and said that’s ok but if gets worse to call them back. It’s stayed about same all day, temp was 40...
  12. Bald Rick

    The Times sticks the boot in to farm animal welfare

    When I get a chance, I will take a photo of the Editorial in today's Times. It doesn't make for pleasant reading if you keep livestock as it relies on data from animal cruelty charities to accuse UK farmers of having welfare standards on a par with China and well below our European...
  13. jacobl741

    Calves going downhill

    Got a friend who’s calves are getting to 2 months old and then going downhill fast, no scouring or anything just really going backwards. Vets have done several blood tests and found nothing, vet is suggesting possibly chronic fluke. Anyone heard of anything like this before?
  14. Cowabunga

    Here we go again.....

    At least 30% of land being actively managed for nature is the latest 'demand'. What a crock of shìt... Nature and wildlife in Wales is undergoing a "mass extinction event", environmental charities have said. Ahead of next week's election, they have...
  15. B

    Advice and/or tips

    Had a cow to c-section on Monday night, all well but obviously cow needs a course of pen strep but she has turned very nasty to the point I can’t even get her in a crush and am obviously bothered not to damage her wound by hassling her too much. Has anyone any advice on how I can get her...
  16. G

    Easy calving A.I bull

    Looking at getting some limousin semen from genus or cogent for some Angus and limousin X heifers, any recommendations? Must be easy calving, or any other breeds?
  17. Cmoran

    Dexter limousin cross

    I’ve just purchased a short legged dexter in a fit of madness!! I’m going to put her to my limousin bull (1000kgs) we never had to pull a calf in the 5 years I’ve had him will the dexter be ok to calf from him?
  18. Farm Business RSS

    Stabiliser Cattle Company progresses UK beef industry with first genomic enhanced EBVS

    Written by John Swire Beef producers can now rapidly accelerate genetic progress with access to the UK’s first genomic enhanced estimated breeding values (GEBVs) for all production traits for beef animals through Stabiliser Cattle Company. “Genomic technology is a game-changer for the beef...
  19. Kate_PaceWard

    Farm accidents claim four lives in three weeks

    I've just been reading the latest Farmers Weekly Magazine and saw the article 'Farm accidents claim four lives in three weeks' which I found quite shocking. I there a way to make farming safer? Or do you just accept the risks? I'd be interested in peoples thoughts....
  20. 1

    Heifer not taking calf

    Have a heifer that lost her calf.Skinned the calf and tried adopting a calf on to her but she doesnt want to know.First one in years that hasnt been successful.Has been with the calf for 10days but no luck. Just wondered if anyone had any different ideas i could try before turning her out and...