BPS: welcome added extra or essential working capital?

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  1. The Business Barn

    BPS: welcome added extra or essential working capital? What are you thoughts on this statement?

    As you will know, come 2021 the reliance on these such payments to sustain a farming business will no longer be an option, but what are your future plans?

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  2. Frank-the-Wool

    East Sussex
    Be very useful if the RPA ever got around to paying it!!
    In all honesty for most farmers it helps to pay the rent and employ a little extra labour.
  3. livestock 1

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    Mine not turned up
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  4. Currently and previously BPS has been essential cash flow and working capital.

    Changes are being made to manage without it .... in hindsight we should have made these changes years ago so BPS was a nice little “extra”. But didn’t

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