Calf scour


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Done anything that I can but won't work for anything on the ground now or in the next 3 weeks
When we had scours bad in the sucklers we tried everything bar rotavec. Half way through calving said bugger it and did everything left to calve. Every calf born from a few days after the vaccine didn’t scour where half of them before were.
it worked a lot quicker than the data sheet said in our situation.
The year before we tried the halocure solution because a test said crypto was the problem. Turned out it was the final problem and rota was the gateway problem weakening the calves.
My advise for what it’s worth. You are doing all you can. I think you need to do as others have said. Just go back to basics. Let them calve out in a fresh paddock and let the calves drink their own colostrum.
Dint be afraid to ask for help and get another more experienced neighbour to come have a walk round and a chat.


Sorry to hear your troubles. Nobody’s mentioned this yet but your dump bucket that you collect colostrum. Is it 100% sterile?
We had a Salmonella Dublin problem a few years ago and lost many calves. It wasn’t diagnosed straight away and we were looking in the wrong places.
I now have a separate dump bucket for mastitis cows to the one i use for colostrum and it gets a deep clean regularly.


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What do I do
Please can someone tell me what the f**k I'm doing wrong

I've now lost my fourth heifer in less than a week

They're having parafor

I've got vets (plural) coming out daily and have done for the past week

We are checking temperatures constantly and using antibiotics like sweeties

I'm tubing calves up to 4 times a day to keep them hydrated

I have literally no idea how much testing I have paid/paying for, bloods, dung etc

I know I'm sh!t and it's all my fault and I'm awful for using antibiotics etc

I do not know what to do but if I loose another calf the liklihood of me jumping of a building increases quite drastically, its absolutely soul destroying
Has your vet done a blood test on young calves to see if the colostrum is giving the levels of antibodies it should. As for calving outdoors , what we do is let cow calf inside, calf in put straight into wheel barrow, out to field then cow is milked , calf in tubed with 3-4 liters and the stay out for 24-36 hrs . It seems to me that most bugs are picked up during these times


There is a colostrum supplement called locatim that our vets used to sell. I don't know if it any use but it might be worth a look? Just remembered it.
If your going to give the calf a supplement it’s better to feed a replacer such as vet sonic platinum it’s expensive at £37 a feed but it certainly is quality when bugs are a problem or just you need colostrum


No, not currently, I thought he rotavec vaccine only works if you feed cows milk for a few days? Mine only get colostrum for the first 2 feeds within 6 hours and then they're on powder
Why don’t you feed the cows milk for 2 days? Your keeping the milk out anyway? Don’t want to sound like an arse but our calves are on its mother’s milk for 2 days.


Mixed Farmer
Have you tried (roto) scour bolus? Can't mind right name of them but we us some most years.
See a calf doppy with scouring in a batch give them 2 any others slight sign give 1. Poorest give a metacam if temp is high.

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