Can’t believe no ones noticed

Discussion in 'Brexit & Politics' started by oldoaktree, May 24, 2019.

  1. livestock 1

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    He was ok but would send a glass eye to sleep
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  2. Capable though.
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  3. livestock 1

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    I think we need someone more charismatic
  4. It’s immaterial really because he doesn’t ever want the job anyway so I don’t know why I brought it up, but I would take capability over likeabiliy any day of the week.
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  5. livestock 1

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    Yes that’s fine for us. But it’s getting folk to vote elsewhere that’s the problem. TM was not very appealing unless you are into that sort of thing
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  6. bobk

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    He's not a wimp . but he is an appeaser which is useless now , we need a decision maker .
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  7. Blod

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    We need a canny negotiator. It comes down to peoplle, trust and rapport. To get anything agreed whoever is prime minister is going to have to appear to appease even if they’re not.
  8. Agrivator

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    But the chances of any agreement are very slim. So it's either No Deal or No Brexit.

    My guess is that as No Deal is the legal default, that's what will happen. But of course much will depend on John Burcow and whether or not he wants to continue as the main decision maker and enhance his celebrity status.
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  9. Muck Spreader

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    As I see it "no deal" is the legal default with a new PM. Simply doesn't have to do anything before Oct 31st and Parliament couldn't stop it. Labour blocked the amendment that could have made No Brexit the legal default.
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  10. Hfd Cattle

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    Trumps coming over in a couple of weeks .... give him the job for a month..... that will wake them all up !!!
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  11. brigadoon

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  12. Lexion1000

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    Trump is a certified moron.
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  13. Hfd Cattle

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    Just right for the job then .......
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  14. Agrivator

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    ''No Deal is the legal default'' is what I meant to say. :oops:
  15. onthehoof

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    Only Raab Leadsom Gove McVey and Mordant are true Brexiteers
  16. br jones

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    Maybe but a lot of americans think his reforms are good
  17. Exfarmer

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    Bury St Edmunds
    Rory Stewart is the only hope for agriculture and the country unless Boris flips, which would not be a new thing for Boris.
  18. Hfd Cattle

    Hfd Cattle Member

    Leadsom for me ! I think the MPs will 'fix' it to stop Boris getting through the first rounds of voting. The only good thing about Gove getting through is that he will no longer be Environment minister ! Would be interesting ,if Boris did win through ,to see if he gave Gove a job in the cabinet after he stabbed him in the back last time !
  19. turbo

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    If he’s (Rory Stewart)the only hope for agriculture we are well and truely stuffed !
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  20. yellowbelly

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    Throughout British history, whenever we've had a crisis, "cometh the hour", always has "cometh the man".
    Sadly, out of the bunch of losers, who call themselves MP's, I just can't see any man (or woman in these enlightened times) who has any of the qualities we need.

    Whoever gets the job is going to be no more successful than May at getting any agreement. Nothing will have changed, only the PM.

    We will be either in or out. If we're out it'll be a No Deal Brexit. IMHO, there can be no other solution. They've spent 3 years getting nowhere, from now October won't make one iota of difference whoever is PM.
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