Can't post pictures

Discussion in 'Community Feedback' started by kfpben, Sep 1, 2018.

  1. kfpben

    kfpben Member

    Mid Hampshire
    I've tried to post pictures from both my phone and laptop but no luck with either.

    I've managed ok before so is something wrong with the forum? Thanks
  2. JP1

    JP1 Moderator

    You posted on the Alresford Show thread (thank you again)

    How did you achieve this?
  3. kfpben

    kfpben Member

    Mid Hampshire
    Got it sorted after a re-boot thanks. I think it was my internet at home on a go slow.
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  4. nick...

    nick... Member

    south norfolk
    I’ve got 3 iPads I use and can sometimes take 5/6 minutes to get pictures to load.really annoying at times.not got tff on my phone as I’d end up doing nothing

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