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  1. DefraGov

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    Only catch and cover crops planted in 2015 can count towards EFA for the 2015 scheme year.
  2. Chrisw

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    My landlord wants to increase the rent, and says part of the calculations is the money the farm will receive from the BPS. Does this not go against the whole point of active farmer, if it is expected to just pass up the line to the land lord?
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    Hello Ivor
    Answers in turn to your questions:
    1. Permanent pasture cannot be counted as arable land, therefore cannot be counted as a crop for crop diversification.
    2. No, as a buffer strip has to be located on or adjacent to arable land.
    3. Where land is rented out under a tenancy agreement (Agricultural Holdings Act or Farm Business Tenancy) the tenant will be the one who is eligible for BPS (as the land will be ‘at their disposal’) and thereby the greening requirements will apply to the tenant, not the landlord.
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    We’ve confirmed in CAP announcements, most recently in the August 2014 update leaflet , that the hedge-cutting ban will be extended to the end of August. This covers all hedges on the holding. We will be confirming what exemptions there will be from the rules shortly.

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    Reed Canary Grass is a permanent crop and therefore is not arable land for the purposes of calculating your greening requirements, and cannot be counted towards EFA.
    If the other margins are arable land and meet the fallow land rules then they can be counted as fallow land for both crop diversification and as an EFA.
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    Rents are a private matter between the tenant and landlord.
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    The CAP Reform team are signing off.

    Thanks to all of you for asking questions since Saturday and in the last two hours that we’ve been online.

    We hope it was useful. We’ll consider holding more of these online Q&A later this year.

    We weren’t able to answer all of the questions you asked before 7pm in the time that we had, so we’ll be answering those left from the session over the next week. In the meantimeif you have further questions, please read our latest leaflet at
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  8. Congrats to TFF for organising this session, and to DefraGov for participating and answering so clearly. Congrats must also go to the TFF members who resisted the temptation to question the purpose and logic of some of it. Looking at it like a game of chess makes for objective thinking - provided the rules are known!
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  9. Brisel

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    Thank you.
  10. Penllyn estate farm

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    At present entitlements in Wales are allocated according to what hectares were farmed and livestock held from 2000-2002. Is it correct that from 2015, there is a gradual switchover, 20% per year, from that formula to one based on the hectares actually farmed in 2015?

    Many Thanks
  11. Perhaps the Welsh Assembly Government could participate in a similar clarification.

    I won't hold my breath................................I'd be dead.
  12. C.J

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    South Devon
    Your link doesn't work but I have read the booklet that came last week.

    GAEC 7A brings trees as well as hedges into a 1st of March to 31st August no cutting season.

    A lot of farmers will cut there own firewood and are exempt from a felling licence if they cut up to 5 cubic meters per calendar quarter.

    How will this continue with a 6 months ban ?

    We know this government are keen renewables - such as Biomass but will it have to be imported?

    Something for you to think about before next time !
  13. Animal Welfare
    Can dairy farmers apply for a grant to buy Farmat Anti Slip Rubber Mats for milking parlours and cattle walkways ?
  14. Dman2

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    Durham, UK
    Anyone know what you can or cannot do with Fallow used as efa.
    Can you tip and spread FYM on it, drain, store bales?
  15. llamedos

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    Any questions that were asked and not answered, @DefraGov have said they would answer in the next week.

    The thread was not intended to question the policy, only to answer queries you may have. Please be mindful of this.

    Posts with particular relevance to Wales please see here Or perhaps start a new thread, and see if we can get your representatives to partake in a similar Q & A session.

    @C.J I edited the posts which included a broken link, it just had () in the wrong place.

    @Fuzzy hope this answers your query

    @Forage Trader similarly I hope this answers yours

    @Dman2 hopefully your post may be answered along with any missed in the allotted time.

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    Hi "FarmGeek"
    We're just catching up with those questions we ran out of time to answer on Wednesday.

    We are looking at the options for providing integration with third party software for the future, but this is unlikely to be available in 2015.
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    Hi there
    The new CAP Information Service will be pre-populated with data about you, your business and your land. Customers and agents will need to check and confirm these details and also tell us about land features and land uses (including EFAs) using the online maps. There will be work to do to prepare for your application, but if you start when you receive your registration pack this year, you’ll be in the best position to apply for CAP schemes and payments in 2015.
  18. Notquiteretired

    West Lothian
    Thank you
  19. vaderstad

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    How do you handle the case of a cross-border farmer where the land in Scotland is rented out, farmed, and entitlements held and BPS claimed by a third party?
  20. Simon C

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    Essex Coast
    Could the land owner surrender 0.26ha of entitlements to get below the 10ha limit with a RLE1 form. There is no way a contractor is going to grow two crops on 25 acres

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