Carrying guns on a quad.

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  1. How does everyone do it? I just put my shotgun in a padded slip and tie it to the front rack worked well for years. But i have a rifle id like to take with me for the barstewarding crows in my lambing fields but if i do the same as i do with the shotgun the scope will get knocked about. Not sure how to go about it :scratchhead:
  2. You can buy a proper gun cradle for the front of quads. I’d think most gun shops or country stores would do them.
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    I haven’t got this but something like this?


    Probably cheaper I’ve a rectangular plastic box I use for in the car, could fix to the rack.
  4. Just had a look at some of them £120 :eek::eek: maybe a look at some of the cradles :unsure:
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    I use a proprietary back pack, got a few of them. One which will pretty much only carry a gun, binos, a sandwich and a flask but you can withdraw the gun pretty rapid and then load it but your hands are free, it doesn’t swing about just like with the gun sling and on our rough ground I feel it has a lot less shaking and bouncing than fixed solid to the bike. My other packs will carry all thermal, Nv, the gun, fox caller even a tent if you wanted but they are not cheap. They’ve stood the test of time but there are much cheaper options. Try googling eberlestock for an idea but you may be wanting fixed..
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  6. Im not sure what i want really. I sometimes have to get off the quad to catch a ewe and might end up some way from the bike which isnt ideal leaving a gun on it even thougg it would be within sight. Ive tried a sling but its really awkward a backpack might be a better bet.
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    mate made boxs like that but mounted on the front frame so gun eazy to get while on bike
    other set ups have seen mounted in 2 Y shaped clamps on handlebars
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  8. Our Local keeper lost a gun of one of them front rack things while crossing a river and police diving squad had to come and find it
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    Not sure I’d want to catch an ewe with the gun on my back but definitely possible as the packs can usually tighten around the gun to hold it solid. Something good enough for that would be expensive though. Eberlestock are really expensive though but last years. What gun are you carrying and what size barrel?
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    found pics of one had here
    top come off when in use and could be locked if need
    don't know if mate is still selling them sold his biz a few years agi

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  11. What’s it called that would suit me perfect
  12. Notnsure id want to catch a ewe carrying one either keaving it on the bike is oribably the best bet. Its a cz 452 in 22lr i think the barrel is 16inch? With a moderator on the end so about 21-22 inch maybe
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    British Isles
    i carry my work gun on a sling
  14. Sling here.

    If I do need to do anything I usually lay it on the ground beside bike.

    If I need to catch a ewe - remove magazine/ammo and the bolt.. keep them on me and stell the gun against a gatepost or dyke, somewhere relatively safe.
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    That would fit nicely in a small rucksack with holster, once you’ve used one you wouldn’t bother with the sling again if you’re out for hours. You can however get a double sling that fixes the gun to your back too but unless you’re going to keep the gun on you at all times it sounds like the fixed option is the way to go...
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    You got a link or pic of yours, sounds an interesting set up.
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    I’ll try and attach a photo but never done it before..

    ..if it works the one small one is ideal for .22’s, shotguns and the like, the bigger one will carry a .50 cal if you’ve got dog problems and the enclosed drag bag is ideal if you travel in the truck to different places with a lot of gear. They are not cheap though, it was just an idea for the op.

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    would be a tad pricey to get in the UK i guess
    i will ask him if he was still selling them
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    exmoor, uk

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