Chafer Interceptor SP Sprayer


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Evening all,

Anyone run or know of someone who runs a Chafer Interceptor? Like the look of them, and we are about to demo. Interested to hear the thoughts of people already using one.

Thanks in advance 👍
Decent machine, had it nearly 2 yrs now, really pleased with ours 👍, yes it’s had a few minor problems (what doesn’t?!) but they’ve been dealt with very well & promptly. Great folk to deal with & what Ben doesn’t know about them isn’t worth knowing!! Lovely to drive & operate, we running jd screen & dome which works well for me as used to it -if I had to think of a negative it would probably be the transport mode & response of the hydro lever -it can be very touchy but I know they are working on an update to calm it down a bit, otherwise very happy - let us know how your demo goes? 👍, cheers dh


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Thanks for getting back to me. All sounds very positive! Had our demo yesterday and was very impressed. Dealt with our hills etc. remarkably well, and just like the general ease of use and layout of everything. Also had PWM which looks to be an absolute game changer! Are you just chemical with yours? Or fert too? Cheers


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One of my near neighbours has one new this time, replaced a Bateman. It'll get a fair test there, plenty acres and plenty spuds to keep it busy. Main driver not known to 'spare the horses'


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Glad you liked it, chem & fert with ours, if you’re going fert go for the bigger tank , not much extra £ but worth it - you don’t have to fill it up if wet! 🤞you’ll strike a deal…..? Cheers dh

Stood up to liquid fert ok then? As we’re looking into switching to liquid fert going forwards.

Yeah we’ll stick with the 5000l tank as that’s what we run at the moment, and achieve good work rates with it. It’s all to play for at the moment, see how good the deal is the come back with 🤞

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