Challenges with Tenant Farming.

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  1. petergittins

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    As the title shows.

    What are the main challenges associated with tenant farming when compared to owning a farm outright?

    Obviously you have the financial burden of paying rent, but what other challenges are there?

    Do you find that landlords can be restrictive of you wanting to develop your business, do they encourage you, or are they not bothered?
  2. Lazy Sod

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    Landlord's agents.
  3. Brisel

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    It depends on the landlord/tenant relationship. Many have been free to develop & diversify their businesses as the LL likes to see the tenants thrive. Others are just money grabbing or don't want to see the land altered in any way, regardless of what it means to the viability of the tenant.
  4. Flatland guy

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  5. Jon

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    South Norfolk
    Got to be the rent.

    I talk to my neighbours, all of whom own their farms, and listen to the hardships of making a profit.

    I can only dream of tens of thousands of pounds going in my pocket rather than someone else's.

    (I do understand that this arrangement allows me to farm)
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  6. dairyrow

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    cant invest like you could if its your own. LL and agents just dont seem to have a plan or stick to it. Wont invest in the farms to make them compliant or easier run
  7. Flat 10

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    Fen Edge
    Security. Often tenancies are not long enough
  8. D.S.S18

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    as a younger person (28) their are a number of issues -

    -Landlords looking to reduce points of contact - merging land = More £££ from a house and pony paddock.
    - not advertising on the 'free market' - only current tenants being offered land
    - potentially buying BPS entitlements which could be worthless in a year or two
    - the over exaggerated price for hefted sheep
    - lack of flexibility with some large landowners - no cattle, no cattle out between x & y. fixed number of cattle etc.
    - the required start up funding.
    - over exaggerated rents in an industry not knowing what the next 2 years holds, never mind 10
    - short tenancies - 5 years, is it worth it?

    there just a few of my thoughts, I am fortunate by having two blocks of land but both are on 6 month rolling agreements.
    Oct - April. April - Oct, this is to maximise my chances of selling as required as I only have sheep.
    - i'm 2 years into this agreement, the only thing I would like is some security on buildings as I currently lamb my ewes in a shed, where in return I lamb his to.
  9. ffukedfarmer

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    West Kent
    For me one of the frustrations of farming tenanted land is not being able to control who can access the land and how they treat it. Vehicles driving where they like and gates being left open, but apparently it isn't the shoot as they are country people and know better :rolleyes:
  10. Dog Bowl

    Dog Bowl Member

    I’ll second this. Some of our tenancies are just not long enough which creates such a headache for planning for the future in the short and medium term.

    Some of my landlords are fantastic and let me Farm the land as if it’s my own. Others seem to get in a flap if we leave a wheelmark in eyesight of their bedroom window.

    It’s just how it is. I know this is how I will be farming for life and it’s up to me to deal with it the best I can.
  11. Flat 10

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    Fen Edge
    I know how you feel.
  12. Hereward

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    Sorry to see that.

    We were NT members, as enjoy visiting historic places, but with the amount of PC rubbish and politics the NT involves itself with, haven't renewed this year. Seeing your letter is just another reason.
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  14. Will Blackburn

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  15. I hate the national trust- they shopped you because they didn't like it?
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  16. Jon

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    South Norfolk
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  17. Words fail me. I have the same landlord and these days nothing would surprise me! Don't want to say too much on here.
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  18. Formatted

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    Not wanting to get caught up in false outrage but got a bit more info; your landlord informed NE but did they talk to you first, what were you doing, what was the cross compliance failure?
  19. This is a long running, ongoing dispute between me and NE. The breech is listed as Gaec6 and EIA regulations breech of a statuatory notice. The notice is across 40% of my farmed holding,at appeal now for 18 months with the appeal format not even agreed! The field was grazing rape and the notice declared it should be desiccated and not grazed! The NT reported my cows grazing! It’s an aha NT tenancy with particular clauses about preserving any historic features.....NE however “believe” there may be a historic landscape in danger....we have a local vegan NT area warden......
    Challenges with tenant farming seemed an appropriate thread!

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