Constables who went for coffee to avoid hare coursers, sacked

Discussion in 'Crime Line' started by llamedos, Dec 21, 2017.

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    Police Constables Robert Ashcroft and Ataul Ahmad have been dismissed from the Force following a misconduct hearing.

    PC Ashcroft and PC Ahmad were on duty in a marked police van when Thames Valley Police received a report of a group of men hare coursing in the Langley area. Both officers were in a position to attend the incident and indicated that they would do so. Prior to attending the incident both officers delayed attending the scene by attending a petrol station to get coffee.

    Source Thames Valley Police
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    Reinforces the idea that cops would rather target easy crimes, such as no MOT / insurance / speeding etc, etc, than deal with caravan born entrepreneurs.
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    I’ve seen it with my own eyes where your Caravan Utilising Nomadic Traveller friends have been heading straight towards a marked police vehicle on a single track road, and the coppers pulled off and let them passed !!!.
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    They lucky if turn up AT ALL ???
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    It would be nice to read a few more reports with a similar outcome.
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    In Bedfordshire there is nobody available, even if you are being pelted with stones from catapults.
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    Have been told by plod that if a fight breaks out on a Saturday night, hurry along as slowly as you can, let them blow steam off on each other not you.
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    That's not new, standard practice for a lot of bouncers for decades.
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