Consultation on draft river basin and flood risk management plans opens

Written by William Kellett from Agriland

The Environment Agency has launched a six month consultation on the statutory review of the draft River Basin Management Plans (RBMPs) which sets out how organisations, stakeholders and communities will work together to improve the water environment over the next six years.

River Basin Management Plans play a key role in the government’s 25-year environment plan for 75% of waters to be as close to their natural state as soon as is practicable.

They are designed to:

  • Provide an overarching strategic framework for managing the local water environment, including pressures such as more extreme weather events and climate change;
  • Set out the objectives and measures required to protect and improve the river basin districts in England, cross river basin districts in England and Wales, and the Northumbria River Basin District; and
  • Inform decisions on land-use planning and work alongside other plans and strategies, such as flood risk management plans.

Sir James Bevan, chief executive, Environment Agency, said:

“Water quality overall in England has improved over the last 25 years – wastewater treatment works put 60% less phosphate and 70% less ammonia into the water environment than they did in 1995 – but we know there is still much to do.

These plans will play a key role in informing the way our rivers, lakes, estuaries, coastal areas, wetlands and groundwater are managed and improved in response to the challenges we face now and can see ahead.

“We need radical and sustained action from all parties to ensure clean and plentiful water alongside greater resilience to flooding.

“I encourage all those with an interest to take part so we can take their views forward into the final plans.”

All submissions will inform the final plans, which will be published in December 2022 following approval by the Secretary of State.

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Top cereal and oilseed growers honoured at the Yield Enhancement Network Awards 2021

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Despite an average growing year for most crops, many growers managed to go above and beyond their predicted max yields, with Lincolnshire grower Tim Lamyman taking the top spots for his wheat yields and his world record breaking winter barley yield.

The highest cereal and oilseed yields achieved at harvest 2021 were announced at this year’s Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) Awards on Wednesday 24th November at the Croptec Show. With award presentations by Tom Bradshaw, Vice President of NFU, 24 farms took home the evening’s top awards for highest yield and highest potential yield achieved for wheat, winter and spring barley, oats, and oilseed. The 2021 winners came from all corners of the UK, as well as from as far afield as Finland and New Zealand.

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