Cost of auto steer Trimble 750

Discussion in 'Precision Farming & GPS' started by chris4000, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. chris4000

    chris4000 Member

    How much would it be for auto steer on my Trimble 750,and what do I need?
  2. Morning @chris4000 ,
    If you are looking for a fully integrated Auto-Steer solution, it would depend on whether your tractor is Auto-Guide Ready or not, and if not there are numerous ways we can fit steering using an electrical solution to the tractor. Perhaps it would be worth giving us a call when you get a minute to get a bit more of a detailed quote for you?

  3. chris4000

    chris4000 Member

    Thanks Josh,will ring you
  4. PSQ

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    Scottish Borders
    You can go the fully integrated route with the 750

    Or you can go the 'low-cash' route using a 750 and an old EZ-Steer (EZ-750, or an EZ Steer 500) which is not as neat, but still very effective.
  5. chris4000

    chris4000 Member

    I want something cheap to begin with ,ez steer or the ez pilot,no idea of price or what else I need to go with it
  6. Have you already got a trimble 750? If so then all you need for the cheapest install is an ez steer which is perfectly decent. Should be loads about second hand but some reason there aren't. I have one which I'm tempted to sell
  7. chris4000

    chris4000 Member

    Thanks for that,how easy are they to fit?
  8. chris4000

    chris4000 Member

    Yes I have a Trimble 750
  9. nick...

    nick... Member

    south norfolk
    @Robt this is your territory
  10. He’s a Topcon man
  11. Bramble

    Bramble Member

    What kind of money would you want for it? PM if you prefer
  12. Pretty easy.
  13. Im thinking about selling it. Will let you know
  14. Northern farmer

    I did not find any answers to the question if the tractor is steer ready or not. Wouldn't the ez steer option be more expensive if on a steer ready tractor?
  15. chris4000

    chris4000 Member

    The tractor is not auto steer ready,if the tractor was auto steer ready wouldn't it cost £3,000 for a controller to link it to my Trimble
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  16. Northern farmer

    OK, don't know your tractor (don't think you mentioned the brand/model). Don't know Trimble gear either. A bit off-topic but where does the £3000 cost come from? Our steer ready tractors do not need anything on top of the screen and receiver that you already have (the Fendt does not even need the screen, just the receiver).
  17. Robt

    Robt Member

    You would need a nav controller for Trimble gear.
    So screen(gps receiver is in screen) , antenna, nav controller (steer controller)

    Topcon is
    Screen and receiver ( antenna, receiver and steer controller in one)

    Hope that helps
  18. Northern farmer

    Thanks, I was thinking about the nav controller but don't you need that with the ez steer too?

    Makes no difference now that we know the tractor is not steer ready but if it had been, I would have assumed ez steer being a more expensive option (in addition to lower accuracy).
  19. chris4000

    chris4000 Member

    Does Trimble ez steer come with a nav controller
  20. Slick

    Slick Member

    Ez-steer comes with a different controller, the T2, it's only terrain compensated in 2 planes instead of the three that a nav controller or T3 (Ez-pilot controller) is.
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