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  1. All the buying/selling of land I have done in the past has been with whole parcels i.e. No new areas titles created. How do you creat a new parcel with a separate title i.e. It's easy to mark it physically but who actually measures and records it for the land registry? TIA
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    Ordnance Survey did ours for the Land Registry.

    5020 man
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    Need to get it professionally mapped to scale and then registered with LR as separate piece. Probably through solicitor.
    Sold half a dozen 1/10 acre pieces here.
    Costs involved but return needs to be there too.
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    We recently had a proper plan done which is suitable for the land registry and our solicitor used to split a piece of ground. We sent a rough sketch and paid £150+vat for the proper plan to be done. It probably took the guy about five minutes but satisfied land registry. I can send you his details if you like.

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