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  1. Bald Rick

    Bald Rick Member

    No doubt you have all had this email:

    For all users of CTS Online – Government Gateway is changing

    From 11 to 14 January 2019 CTS Online will be moving to the new Government Gateway. This means that you will not be able to access CTS Online or the Self Service Line from 5pm on 11 January 2019 to 7am on 14 January 2019.

    Your current user name and password will still work.

    What is happening?
    From 14 January 2019 you will need to access CTS Online from www.bcms.gov.uk. You will no longer be able to access CTS Online from the Government Gateway homepage www.gateway.gov.uk.

    Please make sure you know your user id and password. If these are currently saved in your browser they will not work when you first log on to the new Government Gateway as the web page address will have changed.

    Your Government Gateway user ID is a 12 digit number and the password is one you made up yourself when you first registered for the Government Gateway.

    What this means for you
    There will be an additional screen with log on options and some of the screens will look different to what you are used to. The first time you log on from 14 January 2019 you may also be asked to set a recovery word. This will be used to help you if you forget your user id or password.

    What you need to do
    From 14 January 2019, go to www.bcms.gov.uk and click log on. You will now see the following screen:

    This is a new screen, the first option is used to log on to CTS Online. The second option takes you to the screens to update your user details for example, name, email address, change password.
      • Select ‘Logon – use this option to logon to the application’ and click ‘Next’
      • Enter your Government Gateway user ID and password (these are the same details as you have always used to log on to CTS Online). Click Sign in
      • Some customers may then be asked to confirm their email address and set up a recovery word. Follow the on screen instructions to complete this.

    If you have any questions
    Please contact the:
    English helpline on 0345 050 1234
    Helpline for cattle keepers in Wales on 0345 050 3456.

    Hope to God that it is still as easy to use as now but I aint holding my breath ......
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  2. Bald Rick

    Bald Rick Member

    Well that was a small bit of faff ... going to have to remember my recovery word now BUT at least the front page of CTS hasn't changed or been messed with so all good.

    Still not sure what all this was about in truth though

    ** shrugs**
  3. I tried to get on at 6 this morning and it wasn't working at all then
  4. farmerste

    farmerste Member

    guess who forgot to write their 12 digit number down off the old site before it disappeared :whistle:
  5. JP1

    JP1 Moderator

    I love how much notice Ryan the Head of IT gives users ............................................
  6. Stevethemeat

    Stevethemeat Member

    Love the way somthing that worked perfectly well is now complicated cos some educated nob thinks they know better
    Fuming now cos I ain’t had an e mail or got my password
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  7. Tarw Coch

    Tarw Coch Member

    I think that’s the trouble with computer geniuses, they make things to suit themselves rather than ordinary folk who don’t share their passion for all things technical. Indeed, I think your term of educated nob is much better than mine of computer genius, if they were really geniuses they’d make things intuitive for the less smart of us.
  8. davidroberts30

    Screenshot_20190115-072255_Samsung Internet.jpg I don't get the fuss:scratchhead:
    I logged on yesterday through my old link and went to the verification
    Put the code in and was on in moments
  9. milkloss

    milkloss Member

    East Sussex
    I tried my gov gateway password I use for the vat etc and it worked. The old bcms password also works in the software still though.

    It’s just that we’ve lost the saved password in our browsers because the website has changed in some way.
  10. Bald Rick

    Bald Rick Member

    Only new thing is rather than a direct log in (in the first instance) you have to go through the Government gateway and then have to lodge a "memorable word" not including any numbers or symbols for future reference if you have lost/forgotten your password or gateway number.
    Not tried logging in since but hope it goes straight to homepage
  11. davidroberts30

    Or you skip that part for now....
  12. Bald Rick

    Bald Rick Member

    I would guess that you will only be redirected to that page every time until you relent so best to bite the bullet.

    Trouble is, I am more likely to forget my memorable word
  13. worker

    worker Member

    I am finding it really difficult to log in...keep going round in circles but can't actually get anywhere! anyone else having troubles or is it just me?
  14. Bald Rick

    Bald Rick Member

    Are you getting that greenish defra Page with two options? If so, click on top option then look for the big arrow at the bottom of the page. Clicking on that takes you to government gateway then enter your number and password and bingo (or it should be)
  15. upnortheast

    upnortheast Member

    User number that used to work doesn`t seem to now. They are supposed to be sending out user number & pword in the next 24 hours
  16. worker

    worker Member

    yes have done that, put in my gateway number and password, then set my memorable word and seem to have logged on, but all the options, like registering births and movements are greyed out so can't actually do anything
  17. Bald Rick

    Bald Rick Member

    Hmmm. Sounds like it’s not accepting you. Try clicking login on the CTS page itself then see what happens. Might send you back to the defra page
  18. worker

    worker Member

    I think I will ring them in the morning, just started block calving so need to sort it out not bugger around. Why change the one thing the government had working well?
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  19. I have two government gateway accounts, one that does VAT, tax etc and another that only does CTS. If I log in with the tax one it does just as you say, I can log in but all the tabs are grey and you can't click on them.

    I didn't know I had two accounts until CTS moved.
  20. worker

    worker Member

    That might be it..my computer automatically used my VAT and PAYE government gateway number and password. If I manually override it and put my other gateway number and password it works, I find it strange that we have two gateway numbers.
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