So today I was moving a cow down the road due to calve in a few days.

2 lads on bikes on bikes coming towards us.expecting them to stop an stay in the edge to let the cow pass as most folk do.but not these 2 Lycra clad heros. Head straight for the cow, its starts to spook.they start weaving about in the I give them a bit of verbal an they reluctantly go back 20 yards an jump off the bikes in a layby.

Was I in the wrong? Never had any issues before but with the current situation seen a lot more folk out an about.

These guys were 60+ an in my eyes should of know what to do when livestock is in the road.1 even had the cheek to tell me they have a right to be on the road and the cow didn't!

Anyway what's peoples thoughts?


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Nah, you've done nothing wrong. Bloke wouldn't have said a word if he was on his own I bet.

I ride a lot when I get the chance but the amount of idiots on the road at the minute puts me off in case you get tarred with the same brush. Hard to blame a driver getting annoyed with you for nothing when you realise they've just had 4 groups of heroes to get past before they've met you. I've never enjoyed riding in a group for the same reasons, always have one that won't stop or call out a pot hole.

Best one I've seen recently is 2 guys distancing by riding on opposite sides of a country lane.... genius idea!

2 way thing though, I've got off in an arable gateway that didn't have a gate for a bunch of cattle being moved on the road and blocked it for the farmer, didn't get a nod out of the bloke in front, behind, or the old man in the land rover following on.
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I think the only time I have an issue when on my bike is when people overtake when its not safe to do ie they go to close or too fast. And it is the drivers responsibility then.

I don't expect a necessarily cyclist to stop for me if driving a car on a single track road, in the same way I don't expect a car to overtake me if on a bike and they come to close.

I always expect a cyclist to stop for an oncoming combine or tractor and trailer on the road. Its just common sense and safer all round. Give and take. Its the lycra that pisses people off! - But there is a good reason for it
When it come to cyclists
Just to give a bit of the other side, last week I past a hedge bank starting to catch light , I stopped at the next farm to warn him , I also keep and eye out for stock on the road and anything that might be helpful to hard working farmers
The bit about cycle lanes I understood, but a lot of them are so rough you can't ride them and on busy roads all the crap is pushed on to them by car wheels. Glass stones bits of wood . They can be an utter nightmare


Its sad that a few rotten apples spoil the lot
Shame also that the package they are wrapped in is scorned at
Shame also that those who have tasted a rotten apple seem to have a vendetta against all apples
I know what you mean.I'm a mountain biker have no issue with bikes just folk with no commonsense [emoji85]


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For horses my logic is, if the animal can't handle traffic, don't take it on the road, or at least don't expect everyone to come to an absolute halt. Same thing applies for livestock I'd say.


I was talking to a friend who is a courier driver and she said the roads are crazy just now. All the muppets are out expecting every road to be empty and they all have earphones over their lugs.

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