Data-linked field boundaries open new opportunities for agri-food sector



Written by Charlotte Cunningham

UK agri-tech centre, Agrimetrics, have used satellite imagery and cutting-edge AI to map all 2.8 million UK field boundaries. Charlotte Cunningham reports. The lack of accurate field boundaries has been a pain point for the agri-food sector since the Rural Payments Agency stopped making these publicly available. To solve this, one of four agri-tech centres that make up the UK Government’s Agricultural Technologies strategy – Agrimetrics – has used artificial intelligence to identify the UK’s field boundaries from satellite imagery supplied by Airbus. These boundaries were then connected to more than a billion other data points – creating an unrivalled resource for stakeholders across the agri-food sector – covering more than 2.8 million field boundaries across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, says the centre. Professor Richard Tiffin, Agrimetrics’s chief scientific officer, said: “In addition to vast archives of historical information, our sector is capturing huge volumes of new data every day. Unfortunately, this data is rarely filtered by field level. “As a result, drawing insights or creating products which can improve land management is often not possible – despite the required data being available.” Taking a step further Accessing Field Boundaries through Agrimetrics brings several additional benefits, adds Richard.…
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