Dear NFU ........

Because we know you are reading these threads.

A very simple question that requires just a very simple answer.

We the farmers of the U.K. want to buy your share in Red Tractor.

How much please ?
That's not the impression I get.

Now I'm not an NFU member and I stopped paying about 10 years ago because I didn't like the double standards of RT back then and it was the only protest open to me after quite a few letters. I totally accept I therefore don't have a "voice" with them as it were. I'm not interested in bashing the organisation either - but it is important to point out glaring discrepancies. It is still not correct for the NFU to claim they don't own Red Tractor - they are part owners. I'm not really convinced the RT fee goes to anything constructive either.

But I would much rather constructive discussion as would we all. I would suggest I think its fair to say a lot of shouting from the "backstabbers" has got the oxygen needed for to make a point, but you can't pull the wool over people's eyes forever until they get annoyed.
That's not the impression I get.
Well it’s the impression I’ve had for the last 15 years. When you get invited to HQ twice and told on both occasions things will change, then they don’t, you quickly realise what they actually think of their members. It’s time it’s shut down and the £100 million reserves their sat on redistributed to the 65,000 members. That’s a nice £1500 each to come back.

Early moves to target wild oats

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Growers and agronomists now face the dilemma of an early application to remove competition from emerged wild oats, or holding off to allow more weeds to germinate.

Syngenta grassweeds technical manager, Georgina Wood, urges Axial Pro treatment as soon as conditions allow, once weeds are actively growing.

“That offers the chance to control wild oats more cost effectively at lower rates, whilst there is still the flexibility to tailor application rates up to 0.82 l/ha for larger or over wintered weeds and difficult situations.

“The variability of crops and situations this season means decisions for appropriate Axial Pro rates and application techniques will need to be made on a field-by-field basis,” she advised.


Miss Wood urges...