red tractor

  1. Steevo

    Energy market corruption

    After the comments in the River Lugg thread today, comments about Red Tractor recently and corruption/collusion I thought I’d flag this up too…
  2. Bignor Farmer

    Red Tractor non conformance

    I don’t usually have too many problems with my audit but I do put in a huge amount of work in advance. Am I wasting my time? What is the consequence of lots of lots of non-critical failures? Sorry Mr Inspector I don’t have any grain temperature and moisture records this year but it all sold...
  3. Farfrae

    Bank governor in 'apocalyptic' warning over rising food prices

    "The possibility of more rises in food prices is a "major, major worry" for the UK and other countries, the Bank of England governor has warned." Someone waking up at last?
  4. D

    my dairy has been going downhill for years

    hello, my dairy has been getting worse in recent years even pre Covid, I'm finding it hard to find workers and the welfare has gone right downhill, I honestly feel so depressed and I don't know what to do about it, I'm not making any profit and only losses year after year, my farm isn't in the...
  5. D

    Scrapping farm assurance

    After discussions with the people we sell cattle to it has become clear that beef assurance is a waste of time, effort and money. now here’s my dilemma…. this week we have a “visit” to do Arable and Beef inspection. arable (for now) is going to have to stay assured so do I…… A - ring the...
  6. M

    Farm plastics disposal

    Cornwall Phil from Kernow Farm Plastics used to collect our fert bags and spray cans every year or so to get the ticket for the red tractor man. I recently had a letter from "Grassroots Recycling" saying they've taken over his business, but apparently they aren't offering a collection service...
  7. Cmoran

    Best place to buy second hand sprayer

    I’m looking for a sprayer preferably 12-15 meters with 800-1200 litre tank and a common make. not looking to spend big money as it will only be used few times a year.where is best place to look?
  8. J

    Who is going to Cereals show this year?

    Not sure what the general feeling is. Anyone going? Or are you planning on going to another show? I heard LAMMA was quieter than normal but still a good show.
  9. puppet


    In the Telegraph reported as if the whole of UK is spreading digestate which is far from the truth. I suspect it is all concentrated in some areas and of course no indication as to how plastic gets there in the first place by people flushing stuff and finding its way into our sewer system. If...
  10. Farfrae

    Simpler Times?

    From The Eagle comic, 1956. It all looks very pleasant not a drop of rain or bit of mud anywhere.
  11. jerseycowsman

    Dehorning by sedation

    Got the vet in to sedate the calves and dehorn them, a vet and her assistant dehorned 115 calves in 5 hours. Me and wife would have done about 50 in 5 hours and been absolutely knackered as lignocaine never seems to work on all of them. Probably more expensive than doing it ourselves, but I...
  12. T

    Phew glad George has our back … not

  13. Billy Sugger

    Pre inspection/ audit service

    Hi looking at providing a pre inspection or audit service to get farmers ducks in a row, either Organic Red Tractor or buyers remit, good idea for farmers under pressure ? Very good background knowledge of requirements and criteria.
  14. An Gof

    Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse in government for farmers ……. Neil Parrish

    What a sad state of affairs, looks like we will lose our best ally in Government
  15. W

    Guy Smiths steps down from Red Tractor

    Jumping ship because he doesn’t want to be involved with the PPI of agriculture or just had enough of politics and wants to go back to farming?
  16. H

    British Farming Union on TFF

    Who or what is behind this ? I just spotted the section where you can join up but no explanation as to who is organising it ......or am I behind the times ?
  17. crofteress

    Vets no longer working in outlying area

    I have/ had very good vets for the last 6 years. They have written to all farm/ equine clients saying they are no longer going to be our vets as the distance is too far for out of hours work. There are a lot of us , this is recent as of two days ago. There is another practise but so far have not...
  18. Ruminant Health & Welfare

    Ruminant Health & Welfare launch report highlighting immediate gains of ruminant health on methane emissions

    With the clock ticking on changes to Red Tractor standards in 2023 which will strengthen the UK dairy industry’s commitment to rear every calf with care, a pilot initiative on-farm is tackling the key challenges of breeding, rearing and marketing. RH&W says over 1.4 million calves are born to...
  19. Steevo

    Brexit Opportunities Minister calls for farming to be deregulated

    Brexit Opportunities Minister calls for farming to be deregulated News26 Apr 2022Abi Kay The Minister for Brexit Opportunities and Government Efficiency, Jacob Rees-Mogg, has called for the farming industry to be deregulated. bookmark_border Abi Kay Abi took up the post of chief reporter at...
  20. G

    Red tractor

    Probably been mentioned before but is there an outlet for non assured rape i only grow 20/30 acres and 20/30 acres of feed wheat to sell the barley i use myself its a expense that i could do without if i could sell the rape without there is outlets for the wheat