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  1. M

    Tilly Trailer test

    I’ve been renewing insurances the last couple of days and mentioned Tilly to our insurer who had no idea what it was initially. They have subsequently come back to me with the following: ‘Tilly is not a legally recognised certificate that would assist in any litigation regarding an accident on...
  2. hillbill

    The on-going up hill battle that is agriculture.....

    It would appear iam not alone in having difficultly getting and keeping decent staff? Is it a nation wide issue or more regional? Wheres the best place to find the unicorns that maybe out there? Also, machinery price increases are a constant issue to us. I know theres nothing we can appear to...
  3. Farmer Roy

    No one ever forgets living through a mouse plague
  4. Bald Rick

    The Times sticks the boot in to farm animal welfare

    When I get a chance, I will take a photo of the Editorial in today's Times. It doesn't make for pleasant reading if you keep livestock as it relies on data from animal cruelty charities to accuse UK farmers of having welfare standards on a par with China and well below our European...
  5. Farm Business RSS

    MDS Chief shares career learnings with RAU Alumni

    Written by John Swire Christine Tacon, Chair of both Management Development Services (MDS) – which provides graduate training for fresh produce businesses – and, more recently, of Red Tractor, talked to Royal Agricultural University graduate and MDS Trainee, Max Pitman, about the lessons she’s...
  6. Kate_PaceWard

    Farm accidents claim four lives in three weeks

    I've just been reading the latest Farmers Weekly Magazine and saw the article 'Farm accidents claim four lives in three weeks' which I found quite shocking. I there a way to make farming safer? Or do you just accept the risks? I'd be interested in peoples thoughts....
  7. H

    Will we be ploughing for re seeding in the future?

    With farmers taking the blame for wrecking the planet do you think we will be ploughing up permanent grassland to re seed?
  8. J

    Low fpd

    I'm hoping someone can offer me some help, my fpd has been sailing close to the cut off for a while now but the last few collections it's been very low about 504 usually. This has only happened since3the cows have been grazing more grass (been turned into the silage fields) said fields are a...
  9. Conor @ Herdwatch

    Free online webinars to help farmers keep on top of farm paperwork

    Herdwatch, the leading farm management solution in the UK & Ireland used on over 15,000 farms, are running free online tutorials to help farmers improve their farm operations and simplify their farm paperwork. The webinars will be available to all farmers including non-members, with the next...
  10. W

    Could kick myself (moddus cock up)

    Had a really busy day today, and made my first ever spray cock up, Was putting some Magphos and amino on my wheat today, and after talking with agronomist a few weeks ago I said send out some teb for the gleam and a bit of moddus or equivalent for a couple of really forward fields. Anyway...
  11. DairyGrazing

    Fertiliser record spread sheet or program

    Does anyone have something for recording fertiliser and slurry applications that produces a running total?
  12. B

    Who deserves our votes.

    Seems to me that for far too long the Tories have taken the country vote for granted, with their handling & false promises regarding safe guarding the Single Farm Payments it is becoming increasingly clear it is time to give them a wake up call & show them that nothing & no one's vote can be...
  13. C

    Who's worried about the lack of rain?

    No significant amount of rain in the forecast. Should we be getting concerned yet?
  14. AIMS

    Saw this in Lidl

    Saw this in Lidl British Flour promoted on pack. No Red Tractor logo though. If the people at Red Tractor had anything about them they'd be at Lidl trying to get the Red Tractor logo on pack in the same way as they do on produce, meat and chicken
  15. An Gof

    NFU and Red Tractor

    Just opened up my BF&G from NFU and read this article on the recent RT consultation. This is the synopsis that NFU have come up with that they want from RT. So it’s business as usual then 🤦🤦
  16. C

    Calf disbudding service

    Hi I’m looking for someone to come and disbudd 20-25 calves 3-6weeks old...Iv only just started calf rearing so Iv not got the irons or a crate bought yet.. Can anyone recommend anyone please
  17. spin cycle

    british retail consortium dominate red tractor

    hope this works....listen to quick mention of nfu meetings with 'red tractor''s being spun as ,despite being an owner, they have no power over RT
  18. Cowabunga

    Pest control and rifle scope.

    For the first time in 50 years nearly, I've purchased an air rifle. Surprised at how much the technology has moved on. This is a compressed air charged weapon with a couple of 10 pellet magazines, sub 12lbs, so not needing a firearms license. Decided, after watching many reviews on YouTube to...
  19. farmer on a bike

    Dairy Inspection

    Just had a Defra dairy inspector visit. Not long after an Arla Garden one (all corrections done) and he has found a list of things wrong including rusty stainless steel pipes that need covering! He also told us we MUST pre-spray cows with disinfectant. We clean dirty cows and dry wipe clean...