Did I see right this morning , France is having worst harvest since the second WW!

richard hammond

If they are experiencing this as I am a go forward agronomist what have we gained in over 70years re actual agronomy, Sorry to bring it personal but my Dad who is 84years always said we have not gained an aweful lot over the years!! I may have read the headlines wrong! so I will apologise before the onslaught!!
Same as in 1985 El Nino La Ninja effect from pacific which due to Puerto Rico volcano pouring zills of tonnes of crap into the jet stream may get us a cold snowy winter.
We are a small island and a few miles either way will mean you are in the middle of it or not.
One thing we cannot do is convert energy from the sun if it is not there to be seen.
The Seine flooding came from somewhere that had soils at full capacity so they have had their share for sure.
The problem this year is that intense heat has rushed crops through the filling stage too quick, fortunately up here we have only had one day plus 25C and even that has moved on crops by four or five days.
North WB has looked the best for many years but the proof of the pudding is yet to come and if like 85 it means the thinnest Ww crops will do the best in yield and quality.

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