Do you vape?

Do you smoke?

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  • Cigarette

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I see both sides of this living with an ex smoker she is more puritan than me. Vaping has to be slightly better than flags, however the downside like popcorn lung isn't fully understood yet. After a few drinks I will happily have a cigar or a cigarette but it's one of those chain reaction things where the drink ( weakness) leads to another vice. If anyone gives up cigarettes by raping fair play to them.
Raping will definitely make you stop as you can’t smoke in jails now lol


I've kicked smoking 24-1/2 weeks ago, I know the exact date as it's been the hardest think I've done. Well it was to begin with but now I'm not fussed at all. I did it cold turkey and suffered it out, I think it was for the best too. I was hell to be around for the first week but everyone seems to have commented on me being a brighter person now I've actually stopped. That added to some real exercise instead of work related exercise seems to have improved me over all no end of good.

Gone for 50-60 rollies a day too, so it can be done it's just bloody hard


I used to enjoy a cigarette. Smoked on and off for about 20 years. Could always take it or leave it. Smoke for two years, then give it up literally overnight. Never bothered me at all.
Then, gave up one time, four years in, diagnosed with cancer.
Had a real hard time staying alive in 2013/14. Spent 11 weeks in hospital, 8 of those in intensive care! Stage 4 bowel cancer, which then spread to lymph nodes, resulting in a Diffuse Large ‘B’ cell Lymphoma.. Then lots of chemotherapy.
So, no more smoking for me!😀

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