Do you vape?

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Do you smoke?

  1. An e-cigartte

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  2. Cigarette

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  3. No nada!

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  1. TheEarlOfMoray

    Raping will definitely make you stop as you can’t smoke in jails now lol
  2. br jones

    br jones Member

    Going to be a major health issue in coming years ,inhaleing fecknose what
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  3. ARW

    ARW Member

    I’m sticking to breathing normal air!
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  4. I have no opinion either way (I have never had so much of a puff on anything) but I have a curious dislike of cigarettes and don't find vaping offensive at all. If nothing else it has to be healthier for people and a darn sight cheaper, too.
  5. Add it to the list of things that people habitually do. Downhill mountain biking, skiing, cycling on busy roads inhaling diesel particulates all day, you name it.
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    I've kicked smoking 24-1/2 weeks ago, I know the exact date as it's been the hardest think I've done. Well it was to begin with but now I'm not fussed at all. I did it cold turkey and suffered it out, I think it was for the best too. I was hell to be around for the first week but everyone seems to have commented on me being a brighter person now I've actually stopped. That added to some real exercise instead of work related exercise seems to have improved me over all no end of good.

    Gone for 50-60 rollies a day too, so it can be done it's just bloody hard
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