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  1. Just wondering what the cheapest energizer is for 250 meters of 3 reel fence. Im getting confused by all the options online(n)
    Would be glad if someone could help(y)
  2. David.

    David. Member

    J11 M40
    I've got a Rappa 3 Joule one and it has been fine.
    Have previously found gallagher ones don't last very well.
    But they wont be cheapy/budget.
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  3. dairyrow

    dairyrow Member

    If its for sheep 3 strands youd want abit of clout. Definitely go solar my one been brilliant. Your not faffing about with flat batteries
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  4. What one is yours?
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  6. Paul E

    Paul E Member

    Sunny Yorkshire
    Actually, you don't want one too big as they're trying to shove too much electric down a short wire, and burn themselves out.
    Bloke at Rappa told me that, talked me out of buying an expensive unit, into buying a smaller output one at half the price!
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  7. P500Falcon

    P500Falcon New Member

    In my opinion best all round 12v energiser is a Hotline falcon, good power output, reliable and British made. Ideal for three reel sheep fencing
    I repair electric fence energiser's and have seen every make and model available, When the falcon's do develop a fault, repairs easy and cheap.
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  8. i disagree, it hasn't got high enough power should be 2 or 3 joules at least.
    i'm a sheep farmer.
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  9. AvonValleyFarmer

    I have the above mentioned Voss unit which gives a good crack, also got one made by shockrite I think they're called. IIRC that's a 4J unit which also gives a fair old crack.

    They're both around £100.

    Just as a side note, the earthing is just as important as the energiser.
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  10. P500Falcon

    P500Falcon New Member

    At 1.7 its not far off the 2 joule mark, we've had no problem keeping sheep behind 500m of 3 strand powered by a falcon unit.
    With the higher joule units they draw far more current from the battery and to make full use of their output power you need sufficient earthing, ideally 1 meter stake per joule, on temporary fencing how many people bother to knock in 3 or 4 earth stakes
  11. there is a difference between stored and output joules.

    good battery power and earthing is a given.

    The point is to be able to stop sheep in the real world.

    will that hotline run off the mains as well as 12 v btw.?
  12. P500Falcon

    P500Falcon New Member

    12v only
  13. I still use a 25 year old English Shepherds, ancient Elephant and what must be a record... a 1979 Gallagher, the last never having been touched! My neighbour has the curse of the "light fingered Fairies of the night" and has now given up on expensive units and I got some cheap Chinese units off eBay for him. Seem to work just fine although he did comment one was not producing much power, but they don't with a flat battery... ;-)

    I buy cheap Maplins 12v solar chargers and they will keep a fence battery topped up around the year, with problems only coming about when the fence gets a bad short. I orientate them for max solar charge.

    Totally agree on the necessity for good earths... I love the rusty 6" nail I came across once. My mains unit is well earthed and the temp fence use a MEB earthing rod well knocked in or a 1m galvanised steel rod.
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  14. sherg

    sherg Member

    I've never bothered hooking up all 3 wires there's no need, we've used falcons to do a couple of kilometres like that and they've got plenty of kick
  15. neilo

    neilo Member

    +1 I won’t use anything other than at least a 2J fencer (for sheep). Solar fencers are a good idea, but a 2J solar unit is big money. Most cheaper solar units are well below 1J when you look into it, so only any good for a short dairy/pig/horse fence imo.

    As to earth stakes, most of my fencing is used over the winter, when it’s wet. For many years I have just used a fencing stake pushed a foot into the ground, with no problems whatsoever. I did buy a bunch of ‘proper’ VOSS Earth stakes from the website mentioned above last year, so that I can have a longer Earth, but nowhere near 1m/joule, and doesn’t need to be in the winter IME.

    I have a mix of fencers, mostly cheap. I’d rather spend £120 on a fencer and throw it away, than spend £250 on the same output ‘premium’ brand, then pay premium prices for repair modules. They don’t last any longer before needing those repairs either ime.
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  16. yellowbelly

    yellowbelly Member

    The OP only wants to run a 250m pull so, IMHO, a Hotline Falcon will be well boss of the job(y). We use Falcons on a lot more than that. For really long pulls go for a Hotline Buzzard.
    Our Hotlines are very reliable - mind you our local 'thieving barstewards' ensure our fleet is fairly modern:eek::banghead::banghead:
  17. milkloss

    milkloss Member

    East Sussex
    Has anyone tried the Voss fencer units? Looking at 12v fencers and see a Gallagher b60 is a hundred quid for .5 j yet the Voss for the same money is a little over 2j. Not had good experience with Gallagher stuff lately, plenty of unexplained failures requiring expensive boards.
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  18. Old Tip

    Old Tip Member

    One meter stake, we are lucky to get a fencestake in before it hits rock

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