Ewe; difficult diagnosis.


North Antrim
We have a three year old ewe about five weeks off lambing, she is carrying two but not heavy and is in good condition. A few days ago she started moping about in the pen while the rest were feeding silage, she is also keen on going for regular sips of water. I gave her a high energy/vitamin, mineral drench the first evening which helped a bit, but not a cure. She is eating for a brief period and then stepping back, moping about looking a bit sad and drinking every so often. She comes forward to eat meal (concs) but only nibbles really. She doesn't really fit the bill for any of the obvious problems, any ideas.


She sounds uncomfortable (for now as an unknown reason), as a first step I would take her temperature and give her some metacam as others suggested. Important to keep her functioning.
I had one do similar a week or so ago, she moped about , still kept eating a bit , but looked quite wide and seemed full of fluid , her wool also started to come out. We gave her pretty much everything but eventually she started to smell which confirmed what we suspected. I hoped she might abort the lambs and recover but she died instead.

Carbon Week - 1 to 5 March.

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Carbon Week

Carbon Week is a series of AHDB events, taking place from 1 to 5 March.
The webinars and panel discussions will feature a range of speakers and are for farmers and growers interested in understanding more about the carbon cycle, carbon auditing, reducing emissions and the opportunities around this.
More information about each session can be found from these links: