Farm roller gate

Hi I'm looking for some help and suggestions we are currently installing a 25ft long 8ft tall electric roller gate for privacy and security on our farm.
we already have the gate but there's no bars or panels installed just a big rectangular box.
We want to put some paneling on the gate that won't let anyone see through but that will also let air flow through as we are afraid since we are on to pot a hill that the gate will act as a kite if the air can't get past as its opening and knock the gate from its rails. So basically I'm looking to see has anyone any advice from previous experience on this thanks

Guide your way through spring agronomy decisions

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The incessant and extreme wet conditions are now presenting huge challenges for every farm’s spring agronomy and cropping decisions.

Plans are being urgently reevaluated and rejigged to set priorities for treatment, with a watchful eye on deadlines for timely spring crop establishment when a window allows. And all against a backdrop of potential damage to soil structure to fields from traveling in waterlogged conditions.


Lessons learned from last year have proved invaluable, with the latest Syngenta Spring Guide giving an insight into some of the tips and ideas to help with this season’s decisions...