Farmers Forecast; Wet and Windy in the North-Coastal Flooding

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    Warning of coastal flooding along the east coast

    A very deep area of low pressure will pass to the north of the British Isles on Monday bringing rain and very strong winds to northern areas. Rain will reach north of Ireland, Scotland and England by the early morning with the heaviest rain over the Western and Northern Isles. Winds will be at or near gale force gusting up to storm force in the northern half of the country. With the exception of the Northern Isles and northwest Scotland, rain will clear for most areas through the afternoon. Winds will increase through the afternoon however, possibly reaching Force 11 for the north of Scotland and Orkney. Gusts will remain at gale force or higher for most of the British Isles with the exception of the far southwest. High temperatures up to 11C/52F

    As strong northly winds move south the east coast combined with spring tides may see storm surge and flooding.

    Whatever your weather enjoy it

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