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  1. Was watching farmer where we're at today loading his brand new mixer wagon, being powered with a 10 year old john deere, loaded with a 4 year old JCB tm 110s with his brand new shear grab on the front and i can't help but wonder, does it actually make that much money back?

    I'm trying not trying to cause any arguments i'm just genuinely asking? at home we feed in ring feeders and the cows have an outer parlor feeder, takes dad all of 15 mins either end of the day to feed up and that is it done, and he can program his outer parlor feeder to give best milker more cake.

    This mixer job he does 4 separate feeds just for milk cows a day, in each mix he puts silage, straw, presumably maize, molasses of some sort and several different types of cake. So what i'm saying is does feeding your cows with all these treats produce so much more milk then dad relatively low input method?

    please don't start arguing or shoot me down its only a question :)
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    Excellent Friday night and a TMR bust up(y).
  3. No bust ups allowed :stop:
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    Of course it produces more milk, more profit, I doubt it
    I suspect your dad has less debt
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  5. I don't know. From the outside i'd say the TMR lads are doing better, cows look better eating from a trough then out of a ring feeder i always think, certainly cleaner round the bottom
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    If we can pretend to forget milk price it depends on herd size and yield
  7. come again?
  8. a bigger heard needs to be fed with TMR?
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    When we put cubicles in all the old silage sheds and built new bunkers further away we have no choice then to feed with some type of wagon. If I'm loading it anyway I might aswell mix up the maize and grass with a few sweeties than just use a standard feed box. My mixer tractor doesn't stay permanently attached, that's why pick up hitches were invented.
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  10. Out of parlour feeder and plenty of access to silage wold take some beating.
  11. 500 milkers here, still just got ring feeders.
  12. Do you have a massive lagoon? As you must collect a fair amount of rain water?
  13. Think he likes you. :love:
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    What do you allow cost wise to run a wagon/hour? depreciation on wagon tractor and running costs, wagon depreciation and running costs? Units with new feeder tractor and wagon must be getting near £100 a hour to run it?
  15. Hang on, maybe keep it simple? Not sure on extra s :unsure:
  16. Keep it simple stupid? Silly?
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    I'd say you come unstuck when you buy a blend/meal that costs the same as a compound then you blow it in a bin,ffs where is the saving?
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  18. I'm not nvz luckily so I don't collect very much at all. There's a sump and a big dirty water plump going out to sprinklers.

    The slurry pit is only 140 cube.
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