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    Trust Administrator Colin Smith, James Forrest and Chairman Stephen Cobbald

    The Felix Thornley Cobbold Trust convened a conference at the Felix Cobbold Centre, Otley on Thursday 26th November to profile some of the ways in which agricultural improvement is being achieved in East Anglia with the help of grants from the Trust. To date 73 projects have received funding from the Trust.

    In his introduction outgoing Trust Chairman Stephen Cobbald gave a short history of the Trust, it's founder and benefactor Felix Thornley Cobbold and a lead in to 5 current funded projects that were then presented to an invited audience.

    The conference was entitled "Making A Difference" and as he handed over the Chairmanship to fellow Trustee James Forrest, it became clear how apt that title was with the variety and tangible relevance of the projects supported:

    Two research projects from the Plant Pathology Department of the School of Life and Medical Sciences at The University of Hertfordshire; the appropriate control of Phoma stem canker and light leaf spot and preservation of yield in oilseed rape. Ongoing research papers undertaken by Thomas Sewell and Coretta Kloeppel. The latter paper was prsented by Professor Bruce Fitt as Coretta was attending her Grandmother's funeral. In his introduction, Professor Fitt observed that Coretta was a hands-on farmer's Daughter uniquely capable of combining her own OSR plots.

    Educating young people "The Suffolk School Farm and Country Fair" was one of a range of educational projects supported by Trust funding by The Suffolk Agricultural Society. In making her presentation Hannah Woods, Education Officer, was a quick to observe that the SSFCF was likely to be the most positive outcome from the enforced countryside lock down due to Foot and Mouth in 2001 and has gone from strength to strength.

    The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust's work in wildlife conservation was recognised with a bursary supporting their work in "Saving the Grey Partridge"

    Finally a lively and upstanding project presentation showcasing the practical guidance given by professionals to farmers for them in turn to evangelise in an attractive and engaging manner on why "Farming Is Magic"

    Nowadays the Felix Cobbold Trust is a £10m Trust with an annual discretionary disposable income of £200,000.

    Attending Eton and Cambridge Felix Thornely Cobbold was a brewer, banker and landowner near Felixstowe. Bucking the family traditions, Cobbold entered parliament as a Liberal representing first Stowmarket then Ipswich.

    Upon his death in 1909, a Trust was set up. Initially this Trust was holding land in trust in the Hadleigh area as 20-30 acre allotments for starter units; maybe the forerunner to the County Council starter holdings. These "allotments" proved unmanageable in practice and the land was regrouped as one holding at Otley

    A 9 strong board of Trustees now manage the process of awarding annual bursaries

    More information on the Trust can be found at www.felixcobboldtrust.org.uk
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    The University Of Hertfordshire Phoma stem canker slides will be uploaded at a later date.

    Professor Bruce Fitt later forwarded this film outlining the University's work :

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    Coretta Kloeppel's presentation slides on light leaf spot:

    Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 14.10.38.png Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 14.10.42.png Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 14.10.47.png Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 14.10.54.png Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 14.11.07.png Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 14.11.11.png Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 14.11.16.png Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 14.11.20.png Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 14.11.25.png Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 14.11.29.png
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    Hannah Woods and Helen Formenko of The Suffolk Agricutural Association presented their work within the Association's Education Department including a 7 minute School Farm and Country Fair film.

    Other Suffolk Agricultural Association’s educational initiatives:
    School Farm and Country Fair – 4,500 7-9 year olds from Suffolk primary schools attend this interactive day to learn from over 90 exhibits and displays about food, farming and countryside (film link above).
    Suffolk Farming School of the Year – Open to key stage 2 pupils and themed. This year pupils learned about farming and energy. The competition runs over three rounds 1) design and make a model 2) workshop day 3) the finalists showcase what they have learnt by presenting a 10 minute presentation at the Suffolk Show.
    Schools’ Show Garden Competition – Schools are given the opportunity to design and build a 3m x 3m show garden to a particular theme.
    Tractors into Schools – Piloted in 2015 – 65 farmers took their tractors into 65 Suffolk schools.
    Grow Your Own Potatoes – Local schools visit Trinity Park for a Planting Day in March and a Harvesting Day in June.
    School Farm Links Project – Schools visiting farms.
    Food and Farming Student Day – Three hundred 12-15 year olds visiting Hollow Trees Farm to learn about food and farming and the varied careers that are available within the industry.
    Farm Discovery Zone – ‘Have a go’ area at the Suffolk Show for all ages. Theme for 2016 is Pigs
    Suffolk Skills Zone – ‘Have a go’ area at the Suffolk Show for all ages. This area is run by the local colleges who also compete for prizes.

    On a personal note, nice to see my Son's primary school featuring and Robert (Bill) Baker, Show Chairman and former Trustee getting behind these projects. I was at college with Bill
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    Farming is Magic is making a difference with the help of financial support from FTCAT and also in the first phase from The Morley Agriculture Foundation - and for the evening workshops from EDGE Apprenticeships.

    The aim is to inform the public about how Farming Is Magic and create inspiring films that are mobile application friendly

    Sources for material come from many sources and referrals

    Key criteria in producing FarmingIsMagic films include:

    Watchability (colour, texture, sound: reality)

    Share-ability (easy, so social, far-reaching)


    YouTube is the second most important search engine after google

    Farming is Magic film collection - ahead of the curve!

    Baker’s dozen: 13 produced so far:

    First three, remainder in next posts

    Added 6 more films (with FTCAT support ) this year

    It is intended to show all that agriculture in all its diversity and capture the career interest in a fresh, honest, direct and real way.


    Production for these films is undertaken by www.green-shoots.org
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    I learned something from every film

    If I get sent the YouTube link for the Kenyan agriculture that was presented at the conference, I will upload it too
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    The speakers assembled at The Felix Cobbold Centre, Otley College with Stephen Cobbald, Chairman



    It is hoped that the first presentation on Phoma stem canker will be added shortly

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