First Milk AGM

Discussion in 'Dairy Farming' started by westwards, Sep 25, 2018.

  1. vantage

    vantage Member

    Thats right I don't. Mind you mine is Arla milk going in.:p
  2. Spudley

    Spudley Member

    No I didn't go to the AGM.
  3. I thats it

    I thats it Member

    anyone learn anything exciting?
  4. westwards

    westwards Member

    Would you ? @I thats it , I did not go, road closed and 60 mile detour ontop of the usual 145 miles !!

    The shout for a Live link makes a lot of sense, did you go @supercow did you learn anything new ?
  5. I thats it

    I thats it Member

    @westwards I learnt today they've announced a freezing of capital contribution limit for existing members and a return on investment for current supplying members, some sort of platform for trading shares and a new deal supplying yeovalley
  6. supercow

    supercow Member

    .25 pence 13th payment aswell? What u gonna do with all that money? I’m going to do a Tesco shop with it. Haha nah it’s good we’ve got a 13h payment, odds of that happening 4 years ago would have been 1000/1
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  7. I thats it

    I thats it Member

    your right it's hardly going to break the bank but if my maths is correct it's 3.5%ish so better than currently get in the bank. I thought we didn't get it till april 2020 (so don't book the Porsche just yet), although someone else thought we got it each month all next milk year so not sure
  8. manfromhill

    manfromhill Member

    What was the new deal with Yeo valley
    I missed the fenwick meeting as had vet out at a calf bed out ☹️

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