Getting back in calf and milkiness

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    Once a beef suckler cow gets back in calf again, and if that is within a month-6 wks after calving, is there a chance that her milk supply might drop off a bit?
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    I would think so, dairy cows definitely do
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  3. With a suckler I would aim to keep the milk off them for the first month or so, as the calf isn't able for the flush of milk when it's small, then allow them to milk to their potential after that.

    4-6 weeks would be a quick for a suckler cow to slacken off, and I'd think it would tell on the calf's performance since it wouldn't be eating much at that stage.
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  4. I'd say so too. If the same person milks the same cows most of the time, then they can often tell by the fact that milk yield drops , that a cow has held to a service. The opposite can be true aswell, more milk can indicate that a pregnancy has been lost. No reason why the same isn't going to be the case in beef breeds, is there?
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  5. I would say that since the dairy cows is pushing herself more to produce milk to a less natural level than a suckler, so would peak sooner and have a steeper curve.

    I've not got science to back this up, I just don't think the suckler's peak will be as extreme.
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    If a suckler cow is rearing a calf , and gets back in calf again 4-6 weeks after calving , then what that cow is effectively telling you is that she is healthy , happy and working at the top of her game , with presumably , no issues troubling her. So that cow will just carry on milking as before. I had a few cows did just that last year and they reared their calves just as well as other cows , if not better , with superior weaning weights to some other cows that were bulled at the "normal" time.

    You want to be looking for cows like that , they're the top performers.
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    I've wondered about this. There's a fifth calver bulling tonight whose calf was born on the 8th December - she is a smashing suckler cow in every way except one - she's not very milky. Her milk usually drops off after 4 months, so if she holds this time I'll have to look out for the calf. He's doing great just now.

    I suppose you wouldn't notice this in a cow that was milky enough.

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