Good Boilersuit for Welding

Looking for recommendations for a good boiler suit for welding in. I've gone through three or four Dickies flame retardant ones but have ultimately ruined them all the same way - small tear starting around the right pocket and then putting my foot through it when putting them on and practically ripping the leg off!

Obviously needs to be fire retardant and built to survive a lot of sparks and heat. Would prefer either elasticated or easy to button sleeves so that they slip into welding guantlets easily. Not too bothered about hip or leg pockets but a phone sized chest pocket is essential. Zip up the front with a velcro cover would be good as I find it's easy to catch yourself on something and pull out all the pop studs up the front. Fold up collar to stop hot things going down the back of the neck would be nice!

Lastly, would be better if it was available online in the present circumstances.

Thanks in advance.
The only thing that will stand up to welding is leather, I use a welding jacket or for grinding a leather apron.
Apart from that keep to 100% cotton although wool underneath cotton copes well if its colder.
I tried a padded shirt once and had to strip off in a hurry when it burst into flames so they are a no.


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Re overalls i always used to get press studs , latest is all zip , id only have zip now , especially the chest phone pocket ,zipped up keeps phone safer , spend alot of time leaning over water .


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Tried several pairs and they don't last many wears.
Always go back to a welders leather jacket and decent jeans. the jackets lasted years and jeans outlast the boilersuits several times over.


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I have a full leather apron that has lasted for probably 30 years, good for grinding and welding, it wasn't dear ..... then! It is quick and easy to just put on as a matter of habit when you pick up a grinder etc.
I have burnt holes in, or set fire to padded jackets , fleeces, boiler suits, you name it. A good big stream of sparks from a grinder is the biggest hazard, a friend in Holland set fire to his workshop using one and lost his entire collection of steam cars, motor bikes, tractors etc. As he was running out a sidecar tied up in the roof dropped out of the sky and just missed him. Lucky escape.


dickies FR boilersuit, zip front

none of them are really designed for welding though, you need a jacket on you if you expect any huge amount of spatter on you, ie. lying underneath welding overhead

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