Guardian air twins or defy 3d

Discussion in 'Direct Drilling Crops & Agronomy' started by Bigjon44, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. Bigjon44

    Bigjon44 New Member

    Of those of you who have had experience what is the better nozzle in your opinion
    I grow a wide mixture of veg, potatoes and cereals so just looking for the best all round nozzle really
  2. gone

    gone Member

    Carlow Ireland
    GATs are more of an all round nozzle than the Defy 3d.
    The defy is a great nozzle for small targets like young grasses, but only average on drift and too fine for some jobs.
    I prefer these to GATs,
    Less inclined to block or get damaged and last a multiple of the length of the GATs.
    I'm not sure one nozzle can be all things to all people.
  3. Brisel

    Brisel Member

    There's no one size that fits all. 3Ds are great but prone to drift though they are better than the older versions. GATs will be less prone to drift but you'll need higher water volumes and bigger nozzles or you'll get a lot of blockages especially with trace elements and suspensions. The GATs are 2 nozzles in one, so if you have 03 Defys at 100 l/ha and 2 bar you'll need to have at least 05 (2 x 025) and run 160 l/ha at 2 bar.

    For blight spraying or higher volumes in bigger veg you'd be better off with a Potato nozzle for less of an angle and better canopy penetration.

    I run 025 Bubblejets at 100 l/ha and 3 bar in angled caps and alternating backwards/forwards along the boom but that's for cereals & oilseed rape.
  4. Oat

    Oat Member

    The GA twins are 2x nozzles each of half the overall output. Therefore an 02 is like 2x 01's. This means they block much easier because of the smaller orifices.
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  5. Bigjon44

    Bigjon44 New Member

    Is it best to go for the largest nozzle then 08 or would they still block easy?
  6. Brisel

    Brisel Member

    You'd have 2x 04 which won't be bad for blocking up at all
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  7. Bigjon44

    Bigjon44 New Member

    What's the coverage like on a potato nozzle? May be worth getting these? As we grow 30ha Spuds and a fair few cauli and Sprouts so need some coverage and penetration
  8. Andrew K

    Andrew K Member

    I run 05 Lechler IDKT ceramic twins for 200 l/ha applications, very happy with coverage and few blocking issues. Expensive but will last a long time.
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  9. whiddy

    whiddy Member

    You can get a 50 mesh filter for the GA's, works very well.

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