Hand Engineering PUH for Ford 4000

Discussion in 'Classic Machinery' started by bitwrx, Feb 11, 2019.

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    Hi all,

    Does anyone have any experience of pickup hitches for Ford 4000 tractors, made by Hand Engineering?


    Our 4000 is in daily use on the pig feed trailer, and the drawbar is reaching the end of its natural life (i.e. it's fudgeed). It keeps getting welded, then breaking again. Just looking at options for a better long-term fix...
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    Leinster, Ireland
    As far as i know Hand engineering make dromone style hitches for older tractors, thats probably a hand hitch youve linked Mursal
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    They do look pretty much identical. No surprises that Hand are based in Dromone, Ireland.
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    No sure I'm a bit confused, now ............
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    Co Down
    Got a new one of those black hitches for a 7840 last year. It was supplied by Conaty to the parts man/breaker where I bought it.Looks like a Dromone but most definately isn't.It might well be strong enough but the welds and paint look rough and there is nothing to say it's been safety inspected or passed.Even the most of Conaty's sticker was scraped off but it was all that was available in a rush at the time.Had to free up the hooks and locking mechanism as it was all too tight to work. Iirc it was around £800. Been better paying the extra for a genuine Dromone.
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