1. Bloders

    EX60-2 track motor

    Hello On the Hitachi EX60-2 track motor it started leaking hydraulic oil. The hub is full of hydraulic oil. Can anyone advise which part has gone. Ive done a bit of reading but a bit unsure tbh @Jimmy Mc have you any idea? thank you
  2. J

    New Holland T7 lower link arms breaking

    I run a few of the larger T7s The lower link arms where they attach to the underside rear of the tractor often fail. The housing enclosing the ball breaks away. OK, part of it could be my doing as it lifts and pulls cultivation equipment which should really be behind T8's, but with the aid of...
  3. Paddington

    Cost of replacing half chassis in a Disco 2 ?

    Looking at possibly replacing the rear half of my 19 year old D2, I've seen prices of around £1k for parts and am trying to find quotes for labour, I can't do any of the work myself. Replies so far have been "we only weld small holes" and "we hate Land Rovers". :(
  4. D

    Brakes on these loaders?

    Loads of these machines pop up on done deal at very handy money from time to time. They nearly always say no brakes though? Is it almost impossible to get the brakes going in them? They are dry disk brakes.
  5. trev7530

    Yamaha quad parts

    Where’s the best place for Yamaha quad parts, genuine and none genuine? Service parts and plastics?
  6. Agriland RSS

    Report: Severe impact of weather events on food security

    Written by Aisling O'Brien from Agriland High-impact weather and climate events caused major issues for food security in 2021, according to a new report published today (Wednesday, May 18). The United Nations’ World Meterorological Organisation (WMO) study said that extreme weather events...
  7. G

    Boris on the ropes

  8. bobk

    Dominator straw walker blocks

    Anyone have a good source , or even better a couple lying around . (y)
  9. Farm Classifieds

    Set of 4 trelleboug 680/55 26.5r wheels to fit househam

    Set of 4 trelleboug 680/55 26.5r wheels to fit househam Advert added by: Machinery Details Category: Sprayers Sprayer Parts Price: £2300 Condition: Used Description Set of 4 rims and tyres to fit a househam sprayer 8stud. Selling as not used anymore. 07976090203 for...
  10. Farm Classifieds

    Fendt 42” & 30” rims

    Fendt 42” & 30” rims Advert added by: Chris Barr @barr11 Machinery Details Category: Parts and Maintenance Wheels Price: £1300 Condition: Good Description Fendt 42" & 30" wheel rims only. 10 stud on both front and rears. Removed from 820. any questions please ask...
  11. W

    Manitou 735 120

    I was reversing across the yard today and the manitou lost drive. straight away i notice the led gear display was not lit up. I turned the machine off to check the fuse none where blow. any idea?
  12. S

    Opico Nitrojet

    Does anybody have experience of using Opico Nitrojet liquid fert sprayer when planting OSR? Also does anyone know where there might be one for sale second hand? Thanks
  13. Agriland RSS

    25m tonnes of maize still in Ukrainian feed stores

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland It has been estimated that up to 25 million tonnes of maize remains in Ukrainian feed stores. This is crop that was harvested last autumn. Approximately one million tonnes of grain was exported from that country last month. While this figure may seem...
  14. Aspiring Peasants


    I know disc mowers are more popular than drum mowers but I really dislike my Krone disc mower. It's on its fifth season, it's unreliable and is hard to get as tidy a job as with the vicon drum mower we used to have. Looking at alternatives, has anyone got a Weaving drum mower which I think are...
  15. V

    Polaris ranger diesel

    I have a ranger diesel out on demo. It’s very nice and hasn’t failed to go anywhere yet, looks to be very good in diesel . My only gripe with is it is how hard u have to drive it. Wee are quite hilly . Will it last the pace is what I’m thinking ??
  16. N

    Bentall icv drier spares

    Anyone with any spare parts for one kicking about
  17. Deerefarmer

    Looking for a JD part

    Can anyone on here help me find John deere part number RE186024? Doesn't seem to be any available in the states or Canada. It's a field installation kit my dealer says no idea when he can get one. I know its a long shot but am wondering if anyone could help me locate anything. Thanks
  18. Farfrae

    Bank governor in 'apocalyptic' warning over rising food prices

    "The possibility of more rises in food prices is a "major, major worry" for the UK and other countries, the Bank of England governor has warned." Someone waking up at last?
  19. Agriland RSS

    Met Éireann issues warning for scattered thunderstorms

    Written by Aisling O'Brien from Agriland Met Éireann has issued a status yellow thunderstorm warning for nine counties for this afternoon and evening (Monday, May 16). The forecaster said that scattered thunderstorms with “localised downpours” will make driving conditions poor. The warning...
  20. GOV.UK RSS

    Water resources on BBC Countryfile

    Water resources on BBC Countryfile Written by Defra Press Office Sir James Bevan and Tom Heap at Bewl Water reservoir The pressures facing England’s water resources as a result of a growing population, climate change and ageing infrastructure was covered by BBC One’s Countryfile last night...