Harvest Log 2020 Day 1

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Harvest has started! It won’t be as good as last year after the wettest winter rainfall for decades, followed by the driest May ever recorded and some pretty hot temperatures thrown in to make the crops really suffer. We started on the Oilseed Rape this year with some very depressed yields. Follow along on this channel for a daily update of how our harvest is progressing. We’ll be cutting more Oilseeds, barley, wheat, peas, quinoa and linseed this year over the 6 weeks or so. Feel free to ask questions and I’ll do my best to reply.


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What m/c are you harvesting Quinoa at please?
Couple of things, I follow Jake on Youtube where he posts these videos, this one is from 10 days ago, not sure why its taken so long to appear here, this has been posted by Farm TV not Jake himself so you might not get an answer here. In his other harvest videos so far he hasn't yet harvested any Quinoa, you might be better following him on Youtube and asking him there when he posts a video on it.

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