1. E

    Stripper Header

    Shelbourne Stripper header. Anything considered. Wanted for grass seed harvesting. Thanks 07825641904
  2. MX7

    Suggestions for companion / "scaffolding" crops to support combinable peas (and other pulses that show potential but go flat before harvest)?

    Over the years some of you have grown companion / (scaffolding) crops with combinable peas to to help prevent the pea vines going flat before they are fit to harvest. I know this thread title has been discussed in the past but it would be really interesting to read the experiences of those of...
  3. T

    New Holland tf series harvesters

    Hi. Anyone Here familiar with nh tf series of harvesters? I have na offer for some very tidy tf 42,but to ne honest never came accros with that model. We are Deutz fahr nation when it comes to harvesters. Tf-s,any good? Bad sides,good sides? Quality od them? Spare parts prices? Etc,etc. Thanks
  4. roscoe erf

    so who was it

    bit of a mountain out of a mole hill story really https://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/19838542.tractors-cause-traffic-winchester-road-romsey/?fbclid=IwAR3QXL81YEy7eE14ADIeUUtzBepFIAGhYJvsMid78FRJgfk-xJIZSBYlDjQ
  5. Greythundercloudys

    Gorse Bush protein.

    What ever next, who comes up with this, lv got some they could have, let's all chew on a prickly Bush.
  6. Farm Business RSS

    Farming Transformation Fund

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business The launch of the Improving Farm Productivity grant, due in mid-January, will help to provide farmers with a much welcomed on-farm grant funding for investment into robotics and innovative technology. This fund is good news, as it helps farmers prepare...
  7. Agriland RSS

    Machinery Focus: New chapter for gantry farming from Nexat

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland The only gold medal awarded in the 2021 DLG Innovation Awards went to a relatively obscure German company by the name of Nexat for its reiteration of gantry farming. This company was formed in 2013 with the sole purpose of developing what it describes...
  8. W

    Miscanthus yields

    Looking at putting areas of land that are always poor yield due to wet and black grass, what average yield arw people getting from their miscanthus and is it hybrid or standard. Also what are the thoughts about carbon trading and the value this may bring to miscanthus. Many thanks
  9. Chris F

    The Vegan dilema

    To help with the education about where food comes from we have created a graphic. So many people don't know how food is actually produced. PETA did a similar exercise a few years ago to make meat eaters think more about what they eat. This is based around it being (nearly) impossible to eat...
  10. Direct Driller Magazine

    Challenging autumn weather underlines the need to tailor crop establishment approach to prevailing conditions

    Written by Jeff Claydon Establishing winter wheat on the Claydon farm during October with the new 6m Claydon Evolution 6 mounted drill. Despite a stop-start harvest and the very changeable weather which followed, Suffolk farmer Jeff Claydon was able to establish all the planned area of...
  11. Agriland RSS

    International Harvester’s Neuss factory – an untold tale

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland The bright red and cream colours of Neuss built International Harvester tractors were once a common sight on fields across the whole of Europe and many of those tractors are still running here in Ireland. This livery gradually faded as the colours of...
  12. Direct Driller Magazine

    History of the GD

    Written by Tony Gent With over 60 years of farming, I have seen and been involved with so many changes, as a lad from working with horses and leaving school at 15 to working on my father’s smallholding with only 50 acres and a mix of cropping. The farm began to mechanise and expand, so did my...
  13. le bon paysan


    Of Popcorn in the EU as 400 million + kick back to watch the chaos at the border next week. 🍿 https://theconversation.com/brexit-what-the-uk-eu-customs-changes-mean-for-businesses-from-january-1-174097
  14. MX7

    One Combine to replace 2 calculation?

    If one has two combines, 30ft and 25ft cut(55ft total) and they both travel at approximately the same speed, and one decides to replace the two with one 39ft 4”cut machine ,how much faster , in percentage terms will the one combine have to go to cut the same area as the two combines in a day...
  15. Direct Driller Magazine

    Industrial Hemp - Understanding the Opportunity for UK farmers

    This article was “Written by Camilla Hayselden-Ashby, Nuffield Scholar 2021 Hemp, Cannabis with a low level of the psychoactive compound THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), has seen a global upsurge in interest in the last decade. This has been driven by the growing popularity of CBD as a food...
  16. Direct Driller Magazine

    Comparing infiltration rates in soils managed with conventional and alternative farming methods

    Comparing infiltration rates in soils managed with conventional and alternative farming methods: A meta-analysis Written by Andrea D. Basche and Marcia S. DeLonge, published: September 19, 2019. Republished under original Copyright. Introduction There is a need to develop more resilient...
  17. Direct Driller Magazine

    John Pawsey – Farmer Focus

    John Pawsey – Farmer Focus September 2021 I am currently bathing in post-harvest bliss. I haven’t actually been through our results in detail yet but I am aware of the general highs and lows. With twelve months of observation of what has looked good and what could have looked better, I am...
  18. Direct Driller Magazine

    Durham farm trials put solid science into biological farming

    Durham farm trials put solid science into biological farming Spring barley profits from improved soil biology and structure Detailed trials assessing a broad range of regenerative farming strategies on a progressive Durham farm are putting some solid science into efforts to improve arable...
  19. Bald Rick

    Naylor’s Cabbage Factory

    https://www.thegrocer.co.uk/home/lincolnshire-farm-to-build-worlds-first-cabbage-derived-protein-factory/662388.article https://www.foodingredientsfirst.com/news/naylor-farms-on-track-to-turn-cabbage-crops-into-a-highly-sustainable-and-nutritious-protein-source-says-ceo.html £20m to build a...
  20. cows sh#t me to tears

    You know Christmas falls on a Saturday when...........

    You find this Saturday morning and it's 4 days minimum before the tire shop opens.....maybe. Had to park mixer tractor within easy reach of air compressor.....hopefully only tomorrow morning to go...