How much hardcore?

I allow 9m3 a lorry, I don’t get hung up on tons, work off volume.

in our neck of the world there is no recycled stone about which will cause a headache soon. I get sad paying more than £120 a load, virgin will be much more than that, long tracks gets expensive, we work on £20 a linear meter I think


North Notts
I must be buying in the wrong place.. Last load of clean 40mm limestone I got in December was 13.50 +vat/ ton. And 70mm to dust limestone ordered last wk was the same price ?

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The Guardian view on animal welfare: keep it up | Editorial

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The Guardian view on animal welfare: keep it up | Editorial

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Hard-won protections for both humans and livestock are under threat – and worth fighting for

Hunting, scientific experimentation, entertainment, the keeping of pets, farming, fishing, habitat destruction: there is no one story about the way that humans use animals – and cause them to suffer. So far, the UN reported this week, our collective efforts to protect wildlife globally have not succeeded. All 20 of the Aichi biodiversity targets agreed in Japan a decade ago...