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how to deal with slugs in longterm best way?!

Discussion in 'Direct Drilling Crops & Agronomy' started by Rihards, Aug 22, 2018.

  1. Rihards

    Rihards Member

    Hi all notiller adicted !

    I am curenly farming in strip till 4 season. all this time no particular problems with slugs in my farm. Crop rotation is spring beans , spring barley, winter rape, winter wheat. But in some cases crops fall out during winter time and here had been groved also Rye, buck wheat, mustard, spring rape.

    I am farming since 2005 and in my experience dont have so big fail like this osr 2018. autumn drilling. today drive through all 77ha drilled OSR from 07.08 till 10.08 and come to decision that I lost 29 ha. in all this fields brasica was sown 5 years ago, previous crop SBarley, WW, Sbeans. etc...

    OSR was drilled with Sumo DTS direct after combine and put in slot also 200kg npk 10-26-26. Unfortunatly it was busy harvest time and one breakdown with front tractor tyre.... we dont roll this fields after drilling:banghead:

    2 fields what we already lost is wery heavy clay soil and osr germinate wery well , to be honest where its not eaten by slugs...:(

    my main idea is not hurt all my life in my soil, thats main reason why I dont use slug palets in my farm at all , and before this case I dont feel that I need to use them ... until now...

    What is people experience here , how to deal in best way with slugs and dont affect earth worms for example....

    some pictures say more than words....

    Any advice welcome, as I belive in UK its big problem already in most part of country....

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  2. RushesToo

    RushesToo Member

    Frogs and newts [amphibians] eat them and are good, normal glyphosate/roundup kills them. There is a friendly version but if you have little rain and no amphibians this may not be sensible.
    Beetles also eat them - if you have strong insecticides that kill everything you will kill these. Use chemicals that are specific to pests

    Choose your chemicals not buy what someone tells you.

    I have tried to use simple English, I hope you can understand it or google translate works well.

    WOODCHIP Member

    Hi I’ve been using a DTS for 4 yrs now as well, i have to use slug pellets but i have reduced my usage to what i used in my first 2 yrs. i stubble rake after osr 4 times with 4/5 weeks apart this kills a lot of slugs eggs.
    Drilling prior to osr i stubble twice in front of the drill this helps a lot. Hope this helps as I don’t like using pellets either but sometimes you only need 1 dose .
  4. Adams1978

    Adams1978 New Member

    how many plants have you got left per m2, in good parts of the field and bad parts of the field? or is total wipe out?
    Only ask as we had a couple of fields with very low plant populations last year due to poor establishment, but it still made a reasonable crop.
  5. Use pellets if you need to. Don't be a martyr. No till and pellets is not worse than ploughing and no pellets for worms
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  6. I've found encouraging the pheasants from the shoot next door onto a field helps quite a lot. But I'm a livestock farm with only one or two fields of cropping in amongst mostly all grass so it probably wouldnt work so well on a large scale.
    It didn't work with traditional cultivation though. The pheasants would use the field as a dust bath and cause a lot more damage than they helped if the crop wasn't fast growing
  7. Brisel

    Brisel Member

    Roll or double press after the drill. Slugs don't move as easily in firm soil.

    Can you fit a slug pellet broadcaster to the back of your drill?

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