How to shift a 23 ton shipping container?

Discussion in 'Haulage and Backloads' started by wasted years, Nov 17, 2017.

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    Still waiting for some pictures (y)
  2. Sorry, don't want to commit them to the 'net, too many nay sayers watching over me .
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  3. grainboy

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    You asked opinion, just wondering how you achieved your challenge.
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  4. Put in a stone track to site, transferred generator from truck to tractor and trailer then backed trailer along track and lifted off with crane.
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    Nice to see pictures, as I know with lifting experience, 23 tons is not to be messed with,
    Mobile I presume, ?
    Come on, lighten up,
  6. Yes , smallest crane they had on 6 wheels (3 axles), rear axle steering, operator said it was at its max, it was actually 24.5 ton.
  7. grainboy

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    I don’t understand your original posting of moving a 23 ton Generators on the cheap,
    When in other threads you say you have spent over 60 k in connection charges, another 5k for a transformer, and the cost of the original Generator,
    Surely there was only one way to undertake this in the first place, considering it’s in the region of a 100k project,
    Just interested, not being facetious.

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